Power Struggle…

Something has become clear to me in recent days: there is a serious power struggle going on in Downing Street. The Cabinet seem to be one by one delivering scathing and repeated attacks on their own governments record, perhaps in the vain hope that when the hammer stroke does fall they will be on the safe side of it.

Sadly this government, and all its members will be judged on the part they have played in the failiure of the New Labour project. Tony Blair was the ‘pretty front man’ of New Labour, he played the part brilliantly and when he fell the puppet master Gordon Brown stepped in to the fray and found that he just couldn’t cut it. He was never meant to be the front man. Sadly for him and New Labour the actions of certain members of his party and cabinet have cemented Labours doom.

They are one by one losing their nerve and splitting at the seams. Each day brings new stories of disloyalty and backstabbing on the part of senior Labour figures like Miliband and Darling. Gordon Brown is embattled and is unable to deal with the dissenters decisively because he knows that if he does he will give the go ahead for further factions to form within his own ranks.

Alistair Darlings savage critcism of the economic situation further highlights the fact that Browns Britain, or Broken Britain which ever you prefer, is coming to a close. Gordon tentatively hangs on in Downing Street awaiting the day when a member of his own cabinet stabs him repeatedly in the front by resigning from his government. The day that happens is the day Brown will be on the way out of Downing Street. As each day passes I become more convinced that the day when the daggers are drawn draws closer.

As it stands his cabinet members are cowardly and refuse to finish him off, after all ‘he who wields the dagger never wears the crown’, Labour need a Hestletine to step forward and put their ‘party titan’ out of his misery. He has been the puppet master of the New Labour project for 11 years, the same time Thatcher was Prime Minister, and like her he must face the music soon enough and it will be his cabinet that force him to face it…but which one?


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