Daily Bite…

One couldn’t help but notice at the end of Olympics that it was the Conservative Mayor Boris Johnson that took center stage, despite the fact the Prime Minister was in attendance. The parading of the Olympic flag signalled something much more significant. It was an indication of the fact that the future of the country was being handed to the Conservatives and it would be the Conservatives at the heart of 2012 Britain.

It was Labour and their officials that won the Olympics in 2005, despite a plethora of other Conservative and public figures lending a hand, yet it will be the Conservatives who reap the rewards and play host to the world in 2012. Gordon Brown did his best to try to up his profile at the hand over ceremony however the day belonged to bumbling but brilliant Boris.

You kow things are bad Gordon when you envy, and are overshadowed by, the bumbling blonde bombshell of London.


3 thoughts on “Daily Bite…

  1. Seeing as how no-one else has dared contradict you yet, I thought I would.
    Boris HAD to officially accept the Olympics as major of the host city. It would have made no difference if, for example, it had been Livingstone as major. Brown was never, ever going to accept the Olympic flag.
    And, I do love your optimism, and think you may be right about who will be in power come 2012. However, there is still a long way to go before then, with lots of things being variable (what happens for example if the Conservatives come to power before 2012, but then London isn’t ready in time? It would then be the Tories mess, and indeed, the Tories fault that London wasn’t ready.) My point is, a lot could change, both nationally and internationally before we get to 2012, so whilst being optimistic is nice, I don’t think the Conservatives should start getting carried away in symbolism…

  2. Based on the current situation the Tories will be in power in 2012 and you are right if things do go wrong then the responsibility will fall on our shoulders. Incidently I never suggested for a minute that Gordon Brown would accept the Olympic flag… what I was getting at was the fact that in the BBC coverage, the papers and the evening news reports all focused on Boris despite the fact the prime minister delivered a speech… albeit after Boris. That speech went largely ignored. Blair would have found a way to take center stage… so would Thatcher.

    You are right, there is a long time before 2012. Mistakes can, and Im sure will, be made however my initial hope that the Conservatives would come to power at the next General Election is now quiet confidence. Labour would have to do something pretty amazing to turn things around but I feel that they are quickly running out of time. Never take these ‘Daily Bites’ too seriously, often they are very tabloidy.

  3. Luke’s right. The Olympics is awarded to a CITY and not a country. The flag handover process involves handing it over from one CITY to another. This was what happened with Beijing, what happened with London and what will happen in 2012.

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