Pick of a President…

To keep on the American theme I wanted to update readers on how McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin has affected the polls. During the Democrat’s convention Obama held between a 5 and 8 point lead in the polls. However McCain’s announcement of Sarah Palin as his number 2 has all but obliterated Obama’s lead with some polls now even showing the McCain/Palin ticket ahead by 2-3 points. This all comes before the Republican convention, which is always good for a poll bounce! 

As myself and others have already blogged, Palin’s pick was inspired and an incredibly bold move by McCain. At a time when corruption and self service is seen as one of the greatest vices crippling Washington, who better to have on your ticket than a woman who has a history of blowing the whistle on law breakers and immoral activities, even when those people are a part of her own party? Sarah Palin is not a easy come easy go evangelical. She is deeply moral and will act in such a fashion in elected office, she can shore up the religious right in a way that few others could.

One other interesting thing to note is that the Obama camp has attacked her relative inexperience which to me potentially puts them in the firing line. Whilst it is true she has only been a governor for one term one only has to look at what great things she has achieved in that short period. By attacking Palin for her inexperience, the Obama camp is leaving itself open for attack because Obama is regarded as more inexperienced than Palin… the difference is she isn’t running for President!

As Govenor of Alsaka Palin has had to take decisions, often tough ones. She knows how to balance a budget, she knows how to deal with the special interests and she knows exactly how to deal with corrupt officials. By contrast as a Sentaor all Obama has had to do is talk. After all talking is what he does best but to be quite honest being President of the United States requires more than just words. The leader of the free world has to have at least some experience of taking decisions and dealing with difficult conditions. I find it hillarious the Obama camp say ‘you might get an inexperienced President’ in Palin… as opposed to the fact they would get an inexperienced President in Obama. I’d rather go with the ‘might’. 

Palin will bring god and guns as well as youth and fresh Alaskan air to McCain ticket and could well pull a few disgruntled Hillary fans in along the way. That could make this election for McCain. The only thorn in the paw I can see on the horizon goes by the name of Gustav. No its not a Sweedish immigrant threatening to gatecrash the Republican convention but a category 5 hurricane that threatens to bear down on Gulf Coast. Another storm on a par if not worse than Katriona will remind Americans of the blunders made by the Bush administration the last time such a storm hit.

McCain has to take this storm seriously. He must not be seen to be partying whilst New Orleans is drowning again. Similarly Bush has a role to play in this scene, his response and the federal government’s response must be picture perfect in order to repair the damage Katriona inflicted on them. If not the Republican/Bush tag will remain the millstone around McCain’s neck in November and could destroy all the hard work he has put in to keep the race this close. It will certainly be interesting to see how the Obama/McCain camps respond to Gustav as that could well tip the balance.


5 thoughts on “Pick of a President…

  1. Expect my pro-Obama post either today or tomorrow Dan :P
    Also, a lot of the attack on Palin’s inexperience by the Obama camp isn’t just the fact that 20 months ago the biggest thing she had to worry about as Mayor of Wasilla is whether there’d be enough snow that winter for the annual dog sledging; but also the hypocrisy of the McCain camp’s attack on Obama for apparent inexperience. To then choose a VP with virtually no foreign poiicy experience seems a bit.. suss.

  2. haha I’d say that out of all of them including McCain she has the most ‘on the job’ experience… even if it is worrying about whether there would be enough snow… although id say that is a rather flippant example! Palin has had a great deal to worry about being governor of Alaska. She took on the oil companies when she opted for higher taxes on their profits. She followed through on plans to create a new sub-cabinet group of advisers to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions within Alaska

    In response to high oil and gas prices, and the resulting state government budget surplus, she proposed giving Alaskans 100 dollars a month energy debit cards. She also proposed providing grants to electrical utilities so that they would reduce customers’ rates. She sold off the governors jet believing it to be an unneccessary extravagence. I think her record shows she isnt afraid of taking tough decisions nor standing up for what she believe in even if it is at odds with her own party. I think principle like that is lacking in politics today and whilst I cannot say I agree with her on everything i do believe that McCain and Palin offer the greatest chance for change in Washington. Obama is untried, untested and unprincipled and I look forward to your blog lol :P

  3. 2008 is a no-lose election for conservatives.

    Whereas Bush has badly damaged the Conservative brand, McCain and Palin have the attitude and capability to deliver an effective set of proper conservative policies.

    Obama and Biden’s woeful and ill-judged platitudes will fail, so even a victory to that lot should help conservatism worldwide in the medium term. Whether at home or abroad, everywhere I look there are real-life parables reinforcing my world view.

  4. Never thought of it like that before… almost like a 1992 scenario.. perhaps it would have been better for the Conservatives to lose in 1992, perhaps it is better for the Republicans to lose now. Having said this I wholeheartedly believe McCain would make the better president so I wouldn’t be able to hide my disappointment should he lose in November.

  5. I find it funny that Conservatives are comparing McCain to Cameron, while the British press are comparing Obama to Cameron.

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