Daily bite…

The Daily Telegraph has just published its list of the 100 Most Influential Right Wingers in the UK. Unsuprisingly David Cameron and George Osbourne take the top spots owing to their commanding leads in the polls and their refreshing leadership of the Conservative party.

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is still regarded as the 4th most influential right winger in the UK ahead of the likes of Tony Blair, William Hague, David Davis and others. This is at first glance suprising given the fact she left office 20 years ago and is afflicted with dementia! The Telegraph states that it is a measure of her success as Prime Minister that Margaret Thatcher’s influence on both the left and right of British politics are still felt eighteen years after her overthrow.

The Iron Lady justifiably retains her place at the top of the table as without her Tony Blair would never have been possible and yet with her constantly there in the background the Conservatives have still not really come to terms with her legacy. Her legacy still pervades everything we do and combined with the enthusiasm that grassroot Tories still hold for her she thoroughly deserves her place alongside the great and the good of the UK right wing.


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