Why McCain should pick Romney…

Iain Dale recently posted a blog on why John McCain will pick Mitt Romney as his running mate for the coming Presidential Election. He states that he believes McCain will pick Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for 10 main reasons:

1. He is not a Senator
2. He is a governor and someone who has actually led something – Massachussets and the Winter Olympics
3. He knows the economics better than McCain and that’s what people are talking about.
4. He will be a good counter to Biden on the attack front.
5. He has deep ties to Michigan via his dad. No Michigan no McCain Presidency.
6. He is younger and energetic but not too young that it makes McCain look older than he is.
7. He will energise the Conservative base.
8. He is a proven money raiser.
9. He is an attack dog and can go after Obama leaving McCain to take the high road.
10. Romney knows how to use the internet

As Iain rightly suggests Romney on the surface at least fills all the gaps in the McCain resume and given the fact that he too has been vetted by the nomination process he is more than able to step in and fill the shoes of John McCain should nature get the better of him! However whilst I would hope Romney is a shoe in, McCain could well suprise us with someone else. There have been rumours he could select Texas Senator Kay Hutchinson or Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in order to appeal to the disgruntled Hillary fans which could work well. General David Petraeus is another name that has been thrown around which would be vital in presenting a strong foreign policy front. However I still believe that Romney is by far the stronger candidate and he will be the one McCain choses today.


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