US Update

The McCain campaign has released a video congratulating Senator Obama on his nomination success which I believe is a true example of the decency and strength of character that McCain would bring to the White House. John McCain is a man of great grace and great conviction. Indeed within the last few minutes it has been announced that he has chosen Governor Sarah Palin, a relative unkown, as his running mate for the fall election.

This choice is a stroke of genius by McCain. Too many people, including our own Chairman, predicted quite understandibly that Mitt Romney would be the Arizona Senators choice, he was wrong, we were wrong. This goes to show one thing we should have already known: don’t second guess McCain. John has many tricks up his sleeve and I am sure we have yet to see his true worth. Selecting a woman means that McCain is highlighting that he has the ability to encroach on the ‘change’ camp as much as Obama. He has the experience whilst his younger more vibrant VP has the appeal.

If you ask me that makes a formidible team. Whatever the outcome of the election in November this will be a record breaking race. Should Obama succeed, America will have its first black President, should McCain succeed then the country would have its first woman Vice President. I personally feel that the tightness of the current polls makes this race increasingly impossible to predict. However if I were to take a gamble my money would be behind McCain. He is playing like a pro.


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