Dan: I was wrong…

…It happens from time to time you know! As Matt has rightly indicated my prediction that John McCain would pick Mitt Romney as his running mate proved to be false. However despite my support for Romney I am actually incredibly encouraged by McCain’s choice of VP: Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, is regarded by many as the ‘American Thatcher’. That is precisely what America and the world needs in America’s Vice President right now. Someone with the grit, conviction and determination of Thatcher to set the country and its economy straight again. It is fair to say that McCain’s selection of Palin was a suprise, but a welcome one at that.

McCain has clearly shown that he too can put forward a programme for change and defy the odds. As Matt rightly said he has shown that he cannot be second guessed . All bets would have been on Romney but McCain defied them all. Instead he has picked someone who is younger than Obama, deeply Conservative mother of 5, evangelical, female, popular and relatively fresh faced meaning she isn’t tarred with the corruption of Washington echoing the message of change that has fuelled Obama’s campaign. Many will criticise McCain’s choice by claiming that McCains whole argument against Obama has been his lack of experience, by picking a younger and relatively inexperienced running mate McCain is opening himself up to charges of inconsistency.

However I diagree. Yes she isn’t as experienced as McCain, but she isn’t running for President. McCain is the main part of the ticket, McCain will be the one making and taking the decisions whereas she will be his eyes and his ears. She will provide him with balance. She will be the fresh face American politics craves without having to undermine the office of the President. Change is needed in Washington but as always I believe this change must be progressive. A McCain-Palin ticket offers the kind of progressive change that America sorely needs. Good on yer John.

Sarah Palin: Profile

  • >Former Miss Alaska! (Image is everything!)
  • >Oldest son off to Iraq, shows solidrity and understanding
  • >Opposes same-sex marriage, but has sympathised with the concerns of gay community about discrimination and has implemented legislation ensuring equal benefits for same-sex couples
  • >Popular governor of Alaska, 80-90% approval ratings
  • >Deeply Religious – will appeal to evangelical voters
  • > Carried on with pregnancy despite her child having Downs Syndrone, which will appeal to evangelical and religious right.
  • >Deeply Conservative – member of NRA etc will reassure core vote skeptical of McCain
  • >Seen as economically gutsy and efficient, Alaskan reforms
  • >Gained nationwide attention as a gutsy maverick unafraid to speak truth after whistleblowing on ethical violations by state Republican Party leaders during her time on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. 

4 thoughts on “Dan: I was wrong…

  1. She may be a good choice for McCain, but I wouldn’t want her in the White House. Personally.
    Also, she may help to appeal to the deeply religious, NRA card carrying conservatives, but they weren’t ever going to vote for Obama were they?
    It also seems a little transparent and a way to appeal to female voters, and the 25% of Hilary supporters who were thinking of jumping ship to McCain.
    I sound snarky, but I’m just not a fan of her opinions. (sepcifically anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage.)
    Would you all hate me if I became a Obama supporter? Because to be honest, the jury’s still out on that one.

    (Also, to your point of her deciding to proceed with her pregnancy after discovering her child had Down’s Syndrome – She couldn’t very well do otherwise considering her pro-life beliefs.)

  2. haha jump on to the Obama bandwagon will you?! well i can assure you laura you wouldn’t be alone. Theres at least one or two here at BUCF (indeed on the committee) who are Obama backers. I just thought you were a fan of substance and not spin :P

  3. Kind of weakens his argument about Obama’s experience as well. Have a go at your opponent about experience and then pick someone with even less experience as a running mate!

    Seems more about trying to win over those who were pissed off Clinton wasn’t picked than actually picking someone who would make a good VP.

  4. Everyone’s talking about her appeal to women, but I find her pretty appealing too.

    Her stratospheric approval ratings show that social and economic conservatives can be popular without compromising their beliefs. Good choice, McCain.

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