Margaret Thatcher is a living Twentieth Century icon. She lives a quiet and comfortable life behind the doors of her Belgravia home without intrusion. As has been public knowledge for many years, Thatcher’s formidable mind is not what it was and her public appearances have been cut to preserve her integrity, until now… 

Carol Thatcher has been busy flogging the details of her mother’s failing health to publishers. Serialised in the Mail on Sunday, we now know how the former PM gets confused in conversations, struggles to find words, and has to be reminded that her husband of fifty years is dead. Lovely, thanks Carol.


5 thoughts on “Dailybite…

  1. When I first read this story I felt an enourmous sense of sorrow for Lady T. Dementia is probably one of the worst diseases someone can be afflicted with. Even people I know who despise what she did say they wouldn’t wish that on her. For me that is the worst part about this revelation: people will pity her. She would hate that.

    I suppose something good could come out of it all. Ronald Reagan infamously wrote a letter informing the people that he had Alzheimers disease and was ’embarking on a journey that will lead me to the sunset of my life’ It rose great awareness of the disease and served to do alot of good for sufferers and their respective charities.

    I hope that the same will happen in regards to dementia suffers however I somehow doubt it. All this revelation will serve to do is to belittle one of the most formidable political minds this world has ever seen. That is a great shame.

  2. Behave daniel… she was and you know it lol In fact i’d wager this piece is your handywork. Can’t resist defending Lady T can you?… even against her own daughter :P

  3. “I hope that the same will happen in regards to dementia suffers however I somehow doubt it.”

    I totally disagree. As much as it’s horrible and almost belittling to think of Thatcher in this way in the latter years of her life, I don’t doubt for am moment that the high profile of thatcher, and her public reputation as the formidable Iron Lady being reduced to confusion and illness will do leaps and bounds for promoting understanding and raising awareness for Alzheimers, the people that suffer from it and their family and friends.
    As tragic and uncomfortable it is to think of Maggie T in this way, surely creating more public awareness and understanding is a good thing?

  4. I agree it is a good thing. I sincerely hope it does create awareness however I am yet to be convinced the the British will react in the same way as the Americans.

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