Race hots up…


The race for the position of Worst Prime Minister in British History is hotting up, as Gordon Brown tussles with Anthony Eden for first place. Currently, the rugged Scot appears to have the edge over the English Gentleman. The grocer’s daughter, Lady Thatcher, is miles behind, despite her sledge-hammer attempt to re-impose the infamous medieval poll tax. 

After hanging on to rock bottom in the opinion polls for a staggering six months, Brown is becoming such a miserable failure that even Eden’s international humiliation over Suez can’t thwart Brown of his rightful place in the pantheon of British PMs.

On a serious note, since my last blogging attempt, I have been captivated by the Shakespearian tragedy that is Gordon Brown. Having coveted the office of Prime Minister for much of his life, he is realising his limit. It happens to us all, but rarely under the merciless glare of the media spotlight and an audience if millions.

“I don’t think Anthony can do it”, Churchill is supposed to have said about his successor Eden. Tony Blair could have been just as prophetic about his own successor.


3 thoughts on “Race hots up…

  1. I remember saying “I hope GB will break Anthony Eden’s record” – before he became notional, temporary Prime Minister – to the distinguished scholar Anthony Hopkins. I wonder what happened to him.

    But we all know the story. Brown (or Black or Grey or whatever his name is) wanted a mandate and realised he would not get it. All deluded people come to the same conclusion. “The populace do not know how clever I am and how many books I have read. More than twenty! That is almost more than a hundred you know! They do not deserve me. Fools! I can make it rain! Fools!”

    It has been raining. Every day for weeks where I am.

    In any case, you are absolutely right about the poll tax. No matter how often they rename it they cannot get away from the fact that billionares pay nothing and your gran pays more than a hundred squid a month because she is alive and if she refuses she goes to prison. Taxes can in some instances be justified. In this case it cannot. Without the threat of violence few would pay.

    (c)ouncil tax as it is currently known was ill conceived in the days of Her Majesty Margaret and it is ill conceived now. What has changed is that it used to be a nuisance and now it is vicious. The Jeremy Kyle watching underclass do not pay either. Only the dumb middle class pays. Combine it with all the other bills subjects ought to fork out for and you will realise the EU and the more than willing socialists doubled what you will pay in due course if there is no change.

    So if you want a bad idea to fester and become a catastrophe vote brand new labour. Miliband would be a wet dream come true. Like Brown he has never worked so he would be ideal to tell us about tax and how much he understands our hurt.

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