London 2012 Update

Boris Johnson has introduced good old fashioned Conservative thrift in to the London Olympics with his latest comments on London’s plans for the 2012 games. He insists that British ingenuity and resourcefulness will make the London event equally as impressive as the one in China’s capital, which cost over £20bn. Currently the inflated budget for the London 2012 Olympics stands at £9.3bn which is under half that of the budget allocated by the Chinese authorities and Boris has vowed not to go a penny over.

Boris’ comments come at a time when the Olympic flag is to be handed over to the capital on Sunday as a symbol of the beginning of the countdown to London 2012. For anyone who watched the Olympic opening ceremony in Beijing the spectacle was a sight to behold. However one can only hope that Britain’s opening ceremony is equally spectacular but that the difference between our Olympics and Beijing is that our show will hopefully reflect a reality and not a government imposed pantomime.


3 thoughts on “London 2012 Update

  1. If Boris manages to keep this in budget, and ‘not a penny over’ then whatever he does, the rest of the construction industry should do – because the UK is well known for construction projects running over budget. So I will be truly amazed if he manages this, and manages it well, because I will certainly be wanting to go and see these Olympics, come 2012.

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