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3 thoughts on “The Conservative Party

  1. The fact that so many Tory leaders had to increase home-building probably demonstrates the failure of the market to provide for peoples needs in that area.

  2. Lol – this site is really, really dire. I wonder if there are any students out there whose Conservative values extend to more than worshipping Thatcher? I’m a Conservative because I believe in Cameron’s new progressive agenda, and I hope some UoB students next year will agree with me, rather than with this nonsense. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    How does one go about forming a proper student society on campus? I assume we could start a Birmingham University Conservative group now that this one has broken ties with the University?

  3. The real BUCF Chairman 08/09… I wish you the BEST of luck. In fact I very much hope you do set a society up, I like a challenge. As for your thatcher jibe and declaring yourrself a ‘progressive conservative’… if you havent noticed Cameron delights in any oppourtunity to liken himself to thatcher. In his latest book ‘Cameron on Cameron’… why did he feel the need to liken his keystone social policy to that of a by gone tory leader? Because Mrs T… like it or lump it… is still held in HUGE regard within this party and indeed this country. She left office 20 years ago yet she regularly hits the headlines… ask yourself why… then ask yourself why you are a conservative.

    This site does not just worship thatcher although I do admittedly lol however there are many others on the committee who hold her in equally high regard but are less vocal. They however have job committments atm and as such are unable to blog frequently thus as I am the prominent commentator Thatcher does come up alot as it is my ‘topic of choice’ (as is American politics). Incidently given your current coy and provocative attitude I am inclined to ask myself whether you are a conservative at all. Instead of identifying yourself as I have asked you to do previously you prefer to hide behind empty insults and rhetoric. Before I even think of taking you seriously you have to at least state who you are! If you had issue with our guild policy or anything else a true conservative would have discussed it with us personally as after all there is more that unites us as conservatives than should serve divide us.

    Instead you prefer to resort to pathetic jibes and unrealistic, empty threats. Try to set up a conservative group if you wish but you forget we ARE atudents of the university, we know exactly how to set up a society, we know how to promote it and most importantly we have the members on campus to promote it. Do your worst, I look forward to the challenge.

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