Cameron: ‘I’ll be the Thatcher for society’

In a new book to be published tomorrow, ‘Cameron on Cameron’, the Conservative leader states his belief that he will be as radical a social reformer as Margaret Thatcher was an economic reformer. He recognises that what Margaret Thatcher did for the economy was more than necessary it was vital in presiding over Britains economic revival and he claims that should he be elected Prime Minister he will embark on his own brand of Thatcherite reforms for society. He states his belief that society needs an overhaul as strong as the one Thatcher presided over on the economy in orrder to secure its long term longevity.

In the book, Cameron says: “I’m going to be as radical a social reformer as Mrs Thatcher was an economic reformer, and radical social reform is what this country needs right now. Margaret Thatcher in her time realised that the big challenge was reviving Britain’s economy, and we should recognise that the challenge for the modern Conservatives is reviving our society. It’s dealing with the issues of family breakdown, welfare dependency, failing schools, crime, and the problems that we see in too many of our communities that will be our priority.”

In recent months it has become more and more apparent that the Conservative leader no longer feels the need to avoid direct comparison to Mrs Thatcher. In fact in these dark times, when the country are increasingly reminiscing fondly about the Thatcher years, Cameron seems to delight in any oppourtunity to liken himself to the former Prime Miinister. I believe Cameron will be the Thatcher this country so sorely needs as soon as Brown has the courage to put the country first and call that General Election.


3 thoughts on “Cameron: ‘I’ll be the Thatcher for society’

  1. Well bloody said!
    Can is really saying all the right things at the moment, and things that I, and the people, need to hear from a potential leader. I haven’t been this excited about a Conservative leader in a long time.
    It really is the time for change!

  2. Maybe if he could tell us what he was going to do to make this change, then the people may have a better knowledge of him. At the moment all I’m hearing is spin and buzzwords and no serious policies. People are turning to him more because they are thinking Brown is awful and not because Cameron is so good. It’s a case of anyone but Labour, as the recent by-election in Glasgow showed.

  3. It is true Cameron is being rather coy in regards to his plans but remember… we can’t implement any plans until we are in government so I don’t see that as a big problem. I think one of Camerons greatest achievements is his seeming lack of concrete policies. If history is anything to go by Cameron is right to keep his policies up his sleeve, he is right to let brown unravel and then he can present our plans to the country nearer an election, this reduces the likihood of Labour pinching them.

    Having said this cameron has come forward on a number of issues. As we already know at the heart of his agenda is radical social reform. He will give the police more stop and search powers in a bid to tackle the growing knife and gun crime epidemic. He believes the root of the problems in society lies in the breakdown of the family and has already offered tax breaks to married couples and families.

    He will launch an attack on the welfare system whereby ‘the sick’ and the ‘unemployed’ will no longer be ‘entitled’ to benefits. Instead, the welfare state will enter into a ‘two-way contract’ with individuals. If people do not do everything possible to find a job, their money would be stopped. If a paid job cannot be found, they should be obliged to do some community work as a condition of their benefits.

    We do have policies but when faced with such an unscrupulous opposition and a party that was born on the back of our policies one does have to be a bit cautious as to just how much of your hand you reveal before an election date is set.

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