Clinton Campaign inspired by Thatcher

A leaked memo from December 2006 shows that Hillary Clintons campaign was inspired and based around the legacy of Margaret Thatcher. One of Clintons chief co-ordinators said in the memo “We are more Thatcher than anyone else – top of the university, a high achiever throughout life, a lawyer who could absorb and analyse problems,”. The chief strategist, Mark Penn, wrote of his admiration for the Former Prime Minister in a “launch strategy” document that was presented to and endorsed by Hillary Clinton. 

According to Penn Clinton had to show the kind of decisiveness the former British prime minister had shown when she was first elected in 1979. He continued to say that “her mantra was opportunity, renewal, strength and choice” and Clinton must emulate her by avoiding the temptation to try to be loved. “Margaret Thatcher was the longest serving Prime Minister in British history, serving far longer than Winston Churchill. She represents the most successful elected woman leader in this century – and the adjectives that were used about her (Iron Lady) were not of good humour or warmth, they were of smart, tough leadership.”

However the trumpeting of Lady Thatcher’s qualities by Mr Penn, who has advised Gordon Brown and Tony Blair and is close to other senior Labour party figures, will confirm the suspicions of liberal Democrats that he and Mrs Clinton were out of step with the party’s progressive wing and grassroots. As many commentators have already speculated, Hillary Clinton in many ways was the most right wing candidate running for President even including McCain. However Clintons later flip flopping and seeming lack of conviction made her unable to truly emulate Mrs T and contributed to the failure of her bid.


2 thoughts on “Clinton Campaign inspired by Thatcher

  1. They should have read more. It wasn’t that Margaret Thatcher was recognised as a conviction politician from the start. Her asset was her strategy. She knew her constituent and targeted her whole agenda while in opposition to attracting their votes.

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