Hague: ‘Im a Geek…. and so’s Milliband!’

William Hague has sensationally claimed that he and David Miliband share more than a job title. They are both, according to Hague, ‘geeks’. In an interview, he said: “People want normal politicians and David Miliband is more geeky, more like me. David Cameron could wear a baseball cap, whereas Miliband would find it harder to appear normal. I must have a word with him and give him some advice – don’t try to be normal when you aren’t”

I must admit, all jokes aside, that I was a tad bit disappointed when William continued to say that ‘As I never want to be leader of my party again, I don’t have to try to be normal any more’ I maintain to this day that Hague was an exceptional leader and had the potential to be an exceptional Prime Minister. I believe that the conditions he inherited in 1997 would have seen off even the most capable of politicians.

In many ways I believe that Michael Howard or someone of the ‘old school’ should have succeeded Major for Hague to come in at a later date. In another contrast between himself and Milliband Hague claimed he felt that Milliband may have miscalculated by hinting at his desire for the top job this early in the game.

In what may be percieved as a further swipe at Miliband and his leadership ambitions, Hague stated his belief that “Miliband has forgotten the basic truth about succession to leadership, which is that it normally goes to people who have tried to be loyal to the existing leader” We’ll have to wait and see if he is right won’t we?

(I too have a personal contrast with Miliband… we both share the same birthday!)


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