Committee Restructure

Following the resuts of the BUCF Referendum I have decided to strengthen and reshuffle our committee. In the interests of fostering an even better working relationship with our local area we have asked Dominic Fisher, most commonly known in Conservative circles as Praguetory, to join our ranks in the newly created position of ‘Local Officer’. Dom has been of invaluable assistance over the past few weeks, aswell as being a vocal commentator on both this and the Labour blog. We are confident that he will be a great asset and look forward to his contribution to the development of the society. Similarly we are pleased to announce that we have filled our vacant Freshers rep position. Louise Tuohey is currently awaiting her A Level reults and all being well will be joining the University in September. She is well known in local circles for her commitment to the Conservative cause and we are confident she will be a valuable addition to the committee. I believe that given this current climate of uncertainty regarding the societys future it is vital we have ‘all guns firing’ come freshers week. With the team we have put together we are confident that this will be one of our most successful Freshers weeks yet which will provide the society with stability in the coming months and years.

Revised Committee 2008/9:

Dan O’Doherty – Chairman

John Hefford – Vice Chairman

Laura Markham – Vice Chair (External)

Dan Cowdrill – Blog Editor

Gareth Moore – Treasurer

Laura Blyth – Secretary

Mathew Roper – Events Officer

Dominic Fisher – Local Officer

Louise Tuohey – Freshers Rep


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