Human Rights aren’t a game

I am disgusted that China has been afforded the honour of hosting the Olympic games and have decided to save my fury until tonight, the eve of the games. Communist China’s records on human rights are abhorrent. As is typical with communism, the promise of equality and liberty have failed to materialise and instead we see a nation under totalitarian authority and a society rife with inequality. Amnesty International continues, even now on the eve of the games, to recieve reports of individuals being assigned to ‘re-education through Labour’ and other forms of administrative detention imposed without charge, trial or judicial review.

Amnesty fears that these abusive systems are being used to detain petty criminals, vagrants, drug addicts and others to ‘clean up’ Beijing before the games. Of course local journalists are prevented from reporting any of this, just another one of the perks of living in a left wing society, however the relative ‘freedom’ enjoyed by foreign journalists is not only denied to Chinese journalists, but new regulations have been introduced to crack down their reporting. Local and indeed foreign journalists, despite Beijings promise to be open and tolerant, now have to recieve permission before reporting on ‘sensitive’ historical events and are banned on reporting on over 20 specific issues. Another example of the left wings corrupt notion of ‘freedom’.

Tiananmen and Tibet are just the tips of the iceburg when it comes to human rights in China. The corruption and inequality in China is as thick and polluted as its air. The real issue lies with the squalid and barren ideology at the heart of communist China which has served to enslave their population for far too long. Unfortunately as George Bush pointed out tonight, change in China can only come from within China and until it does then I’m afraid there will be much more suffering to come. However our duty is to make it known we believe their record on human rights is abhorrent, not reward them by allowing them to host the highlight of the world sporting calendar. As far as I’m concerned the Olympics should be about reconcilliation, co-operation and friendly competition. By handing the games to Beijing the IOC has forgotten its purpose and this could well turn out to be the worst games on record… no matter how many golds Britain brings home.


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