BUCF Guild Referendum Results

The Results for the BUCF Referendum were as follows:


YES: 77%

NO: 23%

The committee are delighted we have been given the mandate of the members to push for further reform of the society. The Chairman has expressed his delight from amsterdam and is greatly looking forward to planning our next move. We will be in contact in the coming weeks with local organisations and examining the best possible direction for BUCF to take. We have been inundated with support from both members and local activists and we are delighted that finally BUCF can enact the neccessary reforms to ensure the longevity and prosperity of the society. The society has said a decisive no to Guild politics and a resounding yes to modernisation.


13 thoughts on “BUCF Guild Referendum Results

  1. haha 10 of our members? where do you get this? I think you’ll find that 27 voted against and only 8 voted for. So god knows where youre getting your figures from. Hang fire with your plans for a new society… we may have a plan that may interest you which will be revealed in the next few weeks. Incidently…. who the hell are you lol

  2. you will both find that there is not enough active enthusiastic members for one society let alone too, your energies should be put into working together as this is the only way you will be able to function.

    to the “real bucf chair” if the others capture the local interest u will find it difficult without them, furthermore without the limited benefits of the guild those inthe disaffiliate dbit will struggle.

    together you stand a better chance of having a decent tory presence on campus and beyond.

    former vice.

  3. As a former member of the CF committee, I personally find all this ridiculous.

    1. University of Birmingham Conservative Future is, fundamentally, a university branch. It’s central duties are to students who want to join the Conservative party. Period.

    2. It is desirable a) for the CF can sit on the Student Guild council, and b) for the CF co-operate with local Conservatives. However, neither of these two are essential.

    3. Ryan is absolutely right. There is hardly enough active support for one society let alone two.

    The plan of action should be for BUCF to re-join the Guild as soon as possible, as membership of the Guild is desirable, to recruit a record number of students at Freshers, and to campaign with our local constituency.

  4. *

    2. It is desirable a) for the CF to sit on the Student Guild council, and b) for the CF to co-operate with local Conservatives. However, neither of these two are essential.

  5. ‘The plan of action should be for BUCF
    1. to re-join the Guild as soon as possible, as membership of the Guild is desirable,
    2. to recruit a record number of students at Freshers, and
    3. to campaign with our local constituency.’

    1. Not really part of the core objectives I should have thought.
    2. Absolutely.
    3. I hope you meant constituencies plural.

  6. I didn’t say that re-joining the Guild was a core objective. You may have noticed I wrote that this is not essential. It is however, desirable.

    Given the size of BUCF, I would suggest that the priority constituency should be the local constituency. Though, helping others should of course not be ruled out.

    However, my main point was that, there is not enough active support for two societies, let along two. The current society should do all it can to avoid a split. This may mean re-joining the Guild on re-negotiated terms.

  7. May I please put forward a crazy suggestion. As much as I enjoy both societies taking the piss out of eachother (sometimes I feel it is very light hearted but sometimes it goes on too bloody long and gets very petty) I would like both of you to think about exactly what you’re doing.

    If you are a society of the University (I appreciate BULS actually are, B(U?)CF I suppose you still want to be, just not with the Guild) then could you please figure out what you’re trying to do. Sometimes the debates on here make it appear like you only have self-serving interests rather than truely being concerned with helping the country, helping constituencies and helping others.

    If student politics seems to be a case of a collection of self-serving individuals no wonder those joining political societies has gone down and the amount of volunteering at University has gone up.

    I’m sorry if that’s not what it’s really like, but from reading the blogs that’s the impression I get, and I imagine the impression that others get too.

  8. Hollie, I think you are absolutely right. When I became chairman I believed, and still believe, it was vital for BUCF to foster stronger relations with its political ‘opponents’. I passionately believe you can be a staunch conservative but still socialise with a staunch socialist. I believe it is too early for us to be so entrenched in to party politics and as students we should celebrate the fact that others have an interest in politics because to be frank were a bit thin on the ground!

    However the cooling of relations began with BULS’ un-neccessary attack on BUCF for leaving the Guild. It is true BUCF Committees past and present have taken great issue with ‘guildtypes’ and guild procedure (as incidently so have members of the labour party).

    However BULS as an individual society need not have involved itself so fiercely in an issue between a seperate society and its Guild. We never sought to involve them and the proposed joint drinks event was cancelled at THEIR insistance not ours.

    Despite all the negative attidudes coming from BULS in regard to the situation within the Guild I still believed it could be worked through. They did not because they never wished to have a cordial relationship.

    I must admit I too can engage in pointless and petty banter on occasion however you will find that much of the animoisty and petty commentary comes from BULS and BUCF acts out in ‘defence’ not ‘offence’.

    As you rightly point out it is still possible to be a society operating on campus without being a member of the guild. We want this and we are going to push for this in the coming weeks and months however Labour cannot stomach the fact that we want to be independent.

    We want to sing to our own tune and campaign for our party in our way. They fail to see that in real terms we get nothing out of the guild whereas they obtain many of the positions on Guild Councils past and present. The difference is we do not seek to railroad them in to disowning the guild just because we have nor do we seek to impose our opinion on them.

    They however do wish to impose their view of the guild on us and have used the situation to score petty political points. As far as I was concerned BUCF could have held (and still can hold) joint events with our labour counterparts, they however are not so forthcoming in their desire to form cordial or co-operative relations which has led many here at BUCF to think why bother?

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