BUCF Guild Referendum

Tomorrow (4 August) BUCF members will be invited to vote in the BUCF Referendum on the future of the society. Most of you will remember that in the opening days of my Chairmanship the society found itself on a collision course with the University Guild. We have repeatedly expressed our disillusionment with Guild politics which has been characterised by the student body as being farcical and bitter. It appeared that the new committee were being tarred with the reputation of previous committees and we were being judged on their record of attendence at meetings of Guild council rather than being treated as a seperate body as should have been the case. 

The tone of the Guild appeared very confrontational and unreasonable, which has become part of the Guilds general reputation. It has always been my belief that socities should be free to attend as many or as little meetings of Guild council as they deem fit. They should not be coerced in to attending something that only exists because of their participation. The Guild has forgotten its purpose and whilst we are beginning to see welcome signs of reform within the Guilds corridors, the political makeup of the Guild remains tipped in favour of the Labour party which makes BUCF’s attempts at further reform futile. I argued then what I argue now: BUCF will work with the Guild but not for the Guild. Until further reforms are implemented within the Guild I believe BUCF’s interests are best served in the local community.

It is my belief and the belief of the committee that BUCF will work far better independently. Local councillors and activists have offered their support should we disaffiliate and it is our belief that BUCF can achieve its true potential if it is set free from the bureaucratic and over regulating nature of Guild politics. BUCF will still remain an active voice on campus but will operate effectively from outside BUGS. All members can rest assured that we have many plans for freshers already in motion which we hope will yield greater results and more members than previous freshers fairs. Many socieites have left the Guild before us, either by choice or by force, and all survived. BUCF is not the first and it certainly will not be the last society that prefers to go it alone rather than be coerced by ego-centric and ambitious individuals.   

BUCF Guild Referendum – 4 August 2008

The Link to the poll will be sent to all members at 00.00 on the 4th August.

Poll opens: 00.00am

Poll Closes: 10.00pm

Results: 10.30pm


2 thoughts on “BUCF Guild Referendum

  1. I think this just emphasises that finally we are moving in the right direction as a society. Disaffiliation from the guild would cement this progress.

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