Mr. Brown, when will you learn?

The best quote I have ever heard from a politician about another politician is: ‘We are always blinded by our own brilliance’. No more apt is that quote today . . .

Huge losses in Local Council Elections. Hit by a Cruise missile in C&N.London to Boris Johnson.

And has just been dealt a hammer blow by losing in the 3rd safest seat in Scotland (if result was repeated at a GE, Brown and Darling would both lose their seats).

However, what I really really just cannot fathom is despite all these messages, he effectively still claimed this morning, that it was the voter’s who simply did not understand Labour!?!? It is arrogance in the extreme to be losing so heavily and blame it on those ‘that don’t understand’.

His quotes this morning at neighbouring Warwick Uni, said it was up to Labour ‘have confidence’ in their own policies and ‘persuade’ the voters to back these by voting Labour.

If he continues on that message he is not only pushing the self destruct button, he might as well be jumping up and down on it, so much so its probably broken!!!

It is not about persuading voters that Labour is correct for them, they clearly don’t think it is. He has to change tact he has to do what the people who have to vote for him want him to do.

*It conjures up images of Brown in a rocking chair in Downing Street repeating ‘why don’t they understand me’.

He is a PM who has spent to long at the top to be in touch with the ordinary voter. Those over at BULS know that only too well.


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