Labour lose Glasgow East

The Labour Party are continuing their terminal decline after another shock by-election result. Tonights result represents yet another startling and humiliating defeat for the Labour party, particularly as this one has occurred in their once safe seat of Glasgow East. A Labour majority of over 13,000 has been turned over night in to an SNP majority of 365. The Labour party can um and arr as much as they like the fact remains this is a disaster for Labour, one in a very long line. The Labour party need to look closely at themselves and realise that their government is rotten to the core and is being rejected right across the country.

BUCF predicted earlier today that the result would be an SNP victory with a majority somewhere between 500-700, we also predicted that the Conservatives would beat the Liberal Democrats to take 3rd place. So even for the Conservatives, who did incidently take third place from the Liberals, this has been a particularly pleasing night. It will certainly be interesting to watch the excuses and the fall out from this election and who knows perhaps Labour will be losing more than just a seat soon…


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