Ich bin ein Obama

Barack Obama has just made a very passionate speech in Berlin with his mannerisms and words reminiscent of a young JFK. Obama appeared confident and relaxed as he took to the stage in central Berlin and called for greater co-operation between Europe and America. Indeed for a brief moment I found myself hanging off his every word and cheering him on, but then I realised the policies don’t stack up to the promises. He is a great talker but I sincerely doubt his ability to communicate his words in to actions.

When one disects Obama’s speech and pulls apart the clever rhetoric you find that there is little concrete policy just false nicities and memorable soundbites. I am intrigued as to how someone as economically protectionist as Obama can call for greater co-operation between nations when he offers nothing to support that end. I am also intrgiued as to how he thinks it is co-operative to ditch Iraq and leave the Iraqis to wallow in the mess America has made.

This speech reinforced what we already knew, Barack Obama is a great communicator. He speaks with passion, with confidence and with panache but hes like an easter egg, sweet and solid on the outside hollow inside. He is a rabble rouser, he can get the people on their feet but then again so could Tony Blair and look what happened there. I fear his communication skills will inevitably take him to the White House and when it does I hope he communicate his words in to action. Somehow I doubt it, but until then at least the Obama bandwagon will take him through Europe and we’ll have a few more inspirational rabble rousing speeches for posterity.


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