Hook off!

Abu Hamza the radical muslim cleric who has warped the minds of countless young muslims has lost his appeal to fight his extradition in the House of Lords. The Egypt-born preacher is currently serving a seven-year jail term in the UK for inciting murder and race hate. His extradition to the United States was approved earlier this year by the Home Secretary.

The man besides being a nutter is clearly a threat to others and should not remain in the UK. Besides preaching race hate for years and encouraging young muslims to kill ordinary Britons, in January 2006 while on trial, he accused the jewish people of being “blasphemous, treacherous and dirty” and explained that this was “why Hitler was sent into the world”. I believe that people like this shouldn’t be allowed to remain in the UK and I am glad that his extradition has been held up.

Incidently I find it funny that Hamza preaches and encourages other young muslims to martyr themselves… well why hasn’t he done it yet! The man is wicked and he deserves everything he gets in America.


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