Welfare Reform…

Commentators have suggested that Gordon Browns welfare reforms go further than those of the left wing’s arch nemisis Mrs Thatcher. Therefore it may not suprise readers to learn that I support the proposals currently going through Parliament, even though they sound remarkably similar to the ones drawn up by the Conservatives in January. (Deja vu?)

The government’s Green Paper will propose forcing those out of work for more than two years to be employed full-time in their community. Under the new proposals, Incapacity Benefit claimants will undergo medical tests to determine whether they can work and will receive a new allowance, which ministers hope will be seen by those not permanently disabled as a temporary measure.

Drug addicts will be forced to admit their problem and embark on treatment before they can receive benefits and anyone claiming while hiding a drug habit will be deemed to have obtained money by deception, and could be ordered to repay it or even be charged with fraud, which carries a prison term. I fully support these plans and it appears that perhaps Labour are finally realising that they have encourage a culture of dependency which hopefully they are beginning to tackle.

Instead of giving people a free lunch as Labour have done previously, you need to follow the Conservative proposals and make them sing for their supper. If these healthy and capable individuals are being funded by the state then they should be of some use to the state! Once again Labour MP’s such as Frank Field, who incidently lunched with Lady T this week, are reported to be seething at these latest plans which only adds to my sense of satisfaction.


3 thoughts on “Welfare Reform…

  1. For me the greatest achievement of New Labour is accepting the bulk of Thatcherism as irreversible and ditching clause IV.

  2. In terms of Tory support, it’s of course nice to be able to support a move in the right direction, but I wouldn’t pat Labour on the back until they manage to deliver. I’ve been out canvassing over the last week and the ‘On The Fiddle’ programme has been mentioned more than once by livid voters.

    Also, I wouldn’t be too pleased that the plans annoy Frank Field. He makes the logical point that the new arrangements still financially ‘reward’ sickness. His criticism looks valid to me.

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