Student voting intentions….


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  1. What dirty tactics are these PT?

    This story was put on a couple of days ago under the laughable headline ‘since leaving the guild…’ have you been raptured by uncle dave for stealing credit?

    this actually isn’t a suprise to me at all, given current climate, i’ve had a couple of facebook friends change their political allegiances.

    the challenge for both parties is surely how many student supporters they can translate into actual activists and not just bandwagon riders.

  2. “This story was put on a couple of days ago under the laughable headline ’since leaving the guild…’ have you been raptured by uncle dave for stealing credit?”

    Ahhh was that what that post was showing? It didnt show anything on mine but I suppose that it would make sense. I deleted that post actually because it wouldnt show the image so it seemed like a waste of time. If the image above is the image that was shown a few days ago then it is purely a coincidence I assure you. Either way it certainly is food for thought. Also activists are one thing tom… votes are another. You dont have to be a Tory activist to vote against an incompetent government. ‘Lesser of two evils’ is a phrase Im hearing alot.

  3. ‘What dirty tactics are these PT?’

    There are two that I am saving for a more opportune moment to publicise. One is re BUGS and the other relates to Labour playing the race card.

    ‘i’ve had a couple of facebook friends change their political allegiances.’

    I hope you defriended them at once! ;-)

  4. i don’t know how to defriend people, although they would ofcourse be top of the list. defriending seems like a pathetic step to take, especially when the person has done no wrong. I know joe brewer reads these pages and I’d hope that he’d be able to agree with me?

    the guild, as it is legally known now, has its own complaints procedure if you want some help getting a complaint heard by the right person then let me know.

  5. “the guild, as it is legally known now, has its own complaints procedure if you want some help getting a complaint heard by the right person then let me know.”

    No – f*** the Guild. Why would I want to give credence to an operation that is nothing more than a forum where aspiring Labourites get to practice bossing people around?

  6. Prague.

    The Student Guild is the University of Birmingham’s independent student union. I don’t think we should “fuck” it. On the contrary, Conservatives at the University should become more involved. The CF’s efforts to influence the Guild for as long as I can remember have been woefully limited (including under my own membership and treasurership).

    The principle of an independent student guild, run by students, promoting the views of students to the University senate is, I believe, a matter of principle importance. It is up to University Conservatives if they want to prevent a left-wing dominance.

  7. I’m not a student. As such I don’t want to ‘lodge a complaint’ or be told about ‘procedure’. I want to scrutinise their actions and hold their feet to the flames when they behave like dictators. A student union that doesn’t stick its morale barge pole into student organisations, stays within its remit and is of practical value to the students is one I can support.

    You say that BUCF should do more to try to influence the union, This wouldn’t be in the top 10 of my priorities if I were a member of BUCF. Move away from the master-slave relationship and have a grown up conversation when necessary.

  8. Daniel’s right, and it seems a shame that the rest of CF don’t think the same way. If CF was woefully limited in the Guild, the solution should have been to do something about it, try to exert some influence somewhere, not simply pull away because the going was tough.
    Yes, it is annoying that BULS seem to dominate the Guild, and much of student politics at Birmingham, and I for one would have liked to have seen and heard much more from CF in and around the Guild over the past few years. I fear the recent decision to pull away from the Guild will only serve to increase this problem of an apparent BULS domination rather than decrease it though.
    On a slightly related tangent, it is with relation to student politics that the two rival blogs vary. Whilst you guys on here, admirably imo, try to talk about bigger world issues almost exclusively, I think this makes the blog somehow less student-y. Compare this to BULS’s blog which, I think, has much more of a student-y feel to it (maybe that’s due to some of the poor writing, or maybe it’s down to the number of small inane posts that don’t really offer anyone that much). I can’t really justify my opinion much more than that, except to say, if you are not in the Guild next year, this blog will take on much more importance as a tool for communicating with members about various events etc. I think it needs to become slightly more about the “BU” bit than it seems to be now. Just a thought!

  9. Prague.

    I’m not sure we could have much more different views on the matter. BUCF is a University of Birmingham Conservative group, and therefore I consider it of some importance for BUCF to get involved with the University student guild.

    I don’t really consider our relationship with the guild as a mater-slave relationship. In actual fact, BUCF have hardly participated in the Guild at all. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a relationship is the CF punched its weight. It has, certainly in last three-five years, chosen not to.

  10. Everyone has an opinion, Daniel. Personally, I don’t find the relationship with the Guild to be in some way axiomatic to BUCF’s existence. If the majority of the members feel alienated by the Guild, pull the rug away.

    You’ll also find divergent views amongst Birmingham Tories, but the majority I’ve discussed it with agree with me.

  11. I am aware that everyone has an opinion, Dominic. My point was rather that I don’t think we’ll agree.

    My view is that although it is nothing like essential for BUCF to have a voice in the student guild, I think it is desirable. Desirable in terms of making some sort of dent in the hold Labour students have and making the guild more responsive to the needs of students.

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