David Davis: Tory Titan

David Davis looks set to win the by-election in Haltemprice and Howden by a larger margin than that of 2005. He stands as a candidate who will put his career on the line, confident of the fact that the electorate will not only return him to office, but return him with a bigger mandate than before. Yes Davis will almost certainly win this election. It is not the fact that he will win that matters, it is the margin of victory. It is true Labour have not put up a candidate, neither have the Liberals, but for very different reasons. The liberals say they will not field a candidate a candidate against Davis because they agree with his position, Labour wont field a candidate because they FEAR his position.

By not fielding a candidate Labour can avoid a pummeling at the polls. Had they put a candidate up, Labour would have been battered… of this I have no doubt. At such a precarious time for the government, Gordon Brown can’t risk this. Instead they are doing some damage control. History shows that this government chickens out of elections and public opinion when it looks like it isn’t in their favour. This by-election will be no different. Whether they have a candidate for this by-election or not is irrelevant… Labour have been battered.


3 thoughts on “David Davis: Tory Titan

  1. Labour also wanted to deprive Davis of a high-profile campaign which would have forced the 42 week detention issue up the news agenda. Without a Labour candidate the campaign lost its news-worthiness.

    If Davis had hopes of boosting his standing within the party, I don’t think this uncontested, unreported by-election has done him any favors. He perhaps looks principled.

  2. It’s not a winnable Labour area. That’s why Davis felt free to stand and that’s why we didn’t put up a candidate.

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