Conservative Conviction

Finally David Cameron has spoken out against the knife culture and insisted that those caught with a knife without a legitimate excuse would face automatic jail time. I am delighted at this announcement and I am sure that this will be a policy that is recieved positively by the public.

My feelings on this issue are well documented. I have always stated my belief that there is no middle ground on this issue and it is the desire to find one that has led to this state of affairs. There is absolutely no reason why someone should carry a knife on our streets and if they do they should be prepared to face the consequences of their actions.

The desire to find a middle ground on this issue and the liberal ‘nicey nicey’ approach has led to the situation we have today. It is increasingly the youth that find themselves drawn in to the ‘gangland’ knife culture taking hold and we need to stamp it out.

For young offenders, perhaps instead of jail time their aggression would be put to best use in the armed forces. This has led me to believe that perhaps the most effective way to deal with disruptive and unruly youths is to re-impose a form of national service. Instead of accepting they are doomed to a life of thuggery and under achievement, we should attempt to put their agression to good use and ‘reform’ their behaviour. Teach them what it takes to be a real man.

It has become increasingly apparent that this government will offer nothing but words. They don’t have a clue how to tackle the problems faced by society today as it is precisely because their policies and their refusal to tackle the issue years ago that we have the situation we face today. Thus we Conservatives, as the government in waiting, need to make out intentions clear and David Camerons words mark a positive step forward.


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