Noel Gallagher…. political guru

Noel Gallagher, that wonderfully respectable gentleman from Oasis and New Labour enthusiast, has waded in to the political row regarding knife crime. Now my views on the knife situation are well documented. However in his ever eloquent Mancunian accent Noel says “I don’t know what David Cameron and Gordon Brown are going to do about it. It all goes back to the Thatcher years. It sounds like a cliché but that’s when the rot set in. Me and the Missus sit up and talk about it at night, about how our kids are going to grow up. I don’t know what you can do. Kids are so de-sensitised to it. It’s really scary how it’s all changed. In my day, status was about trying to be somebody – now it’s about trying to kill somebody”

Well I’ve got news for you Noel, the ‘rot’ didn’t set in in the Thatcher years. It set in the day we went ‘soft’ on the youth. The day the country sold its soul for modernity’s sake, remember the day you bent over backwards for Tony? In our (or the left and liberals) desire to be liberal, in our desire to appear in touch and ‘with it’ we have bent over backwards to please the youth and appear tolerant. We have bent over backwards to excuse our childrens behaviour rather than correct it. The rot set in, not with Thatcher, but with New Labour and ‘cool Britannia’. The hip ‘call me Tony’ years have marked the sprial of decline in our society. No matter how much Labour massage their figures knife and violent crimes in England have rocketed in the last 10 years. Particularly in our cities. Now, we all know that traditional Labour is wet and incompetent on crime, but we hoped New Labour, with its tough rhetoric, was going to be different. It wasn’t

Once Labour always Labour. They have talked tough, tried to be Tory in image but have failed miserably. Our streets are now part of a ‘gangland culture’. Old women, young children fear to walk down the streets. The rocket in immigration under Labour has facilitated the rise in ‘black on black’ crime and if you look at the ethnicity of those who have died on London’s streets recently it is not too difficult to notice a trend. Fatalities on the streets of our cities are reported daily, almost like sports scores on the nightly news. The tally of fatalities ever increases while the average age of the victims seems to decrease. New Labour and its policy of ‘cool Britannia’ has failed this country. When something is rotten you cut it out, you don’t ask it to ‘please go away’. New Labour are soft. They talk tought but their proof is in the pudding and the New Labour pudding is jelly.

The country has sold its soul for ‘modernity’ and the sad realisation is there is little we can do about it without being branded reactionary or fascist. In my view this country needs a slap across the chops and our youth need a short sharp reality check. Reinstate national service, give teachers and parents more power to discipline their children, make carrying a knife a criminal offence and enforce harsh punishments. Stop this ridiculous situation in its tracks. We have gone too far and we need to take a step back in order to move forward.

They say the 50’s were rigid and intolerant…. well let me ask you how many youths died on our streets due to violent crime? How many were afraid to leave their doors unlocked? How many were afraid to take a walk down the street? How many teenage preganacies? How many drugs related incidents? How many childre answerd their parents back? Then let me ask were the 50’s so bad? The point is this country is fast becoming a joke. What’s worse is the vast majority of the public would acknowledge this is true, but do nothing about it.  

I pray that one day we will have a politican of substance who will stand up and risk his political career to fight for what is right not what is convenient. The left wing in the media might kick up a fuss but the public will be behind them. The public want change. The public want a politician who will fight for what is right not what is expected or politically (in)correct.


6 thoughts on “Noel Gallagher…. political guru

  1. I agree, we need to be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime. We need someone in charge of the country who wants to put people who commit crimes in their place, and not go around hugging them like some left wing liberal who is scared to tackle crime.

  2. Look what the ‘broken window theory’ and Rudy Guliani (former federal prosecuttor) did for New York, or on a much smaller scale “Robo-cop,” aka, Ray Mallon – a former police officer, turned Mayor, did for Middlesbrough. Examples of politicians – not necessarily popular ones, being tough on crime. That sort of approach could work in London, and for the rest of the country. Question is, since often this sort of thing starts in the large cities with the most problems, do we believe Boris Johnson is tough enough for this sort of fight?

  3. You toffs dont have a clue.

    Lets stop pretending you care for this country and actually let Labour do some good.You only care about your own lot and always have done.

    A proud year for Labour this year, 60 years of the NHS.

    What have you got to be proud of ?

    Anniversary of Black wednesday coming up.

    Knife and Gun crime is YOUR fault. Maggie absolutely messed up the working class, when did these 20 year olds grow up ? During YOUR time in power.

    The teenager you become is a result of the upbringing of your early childhood. You lot offered nothing for these poor families and poverty and therefore crime flourished.

    Long Live Labour!!!!

  4. You lost all credibility when you referred to us as ‘toffs’. You truly have no idea about politics in the 21st century as it seems you are still living in the early 20th. All tories are not ‘toffs’ although it amuses me that some in the Labour ranks still like to hold on to class cliches as an excuse for their own failings.

    Incidently I am curious as to how you can express your devotion to a party that is nothing more than a pale immitation of the conservatives you seem to detest. If we were as bad as you claim then how come nothing that was done under thatcher has been reversed by your precious government? In fact why have they almost religiously follwed her economic plans? Why have they consistently embraced her and refused to condemn her?

    ‘True Labour’ is dead Josh… ‘blue Labour’ on the other hand is around but even that is on the way out… the thing about cheap copy’s is people get bored and prefer to go back to the original. Don’t you get it? Labour was unelectable… they had to prostitute their principles to get in to power… they had to sell their soul to conservatism and thatcherism to get power. Deal with it.

  5. sorry, but i disagree, the world is a much better place today, understanding children and teaching them the right way and leading by example is the best way to bring them up. not working against them.

    the 1950’s were intolerant, homophobia, sexism, and racism was rife, we live in a much better and much more accepting world now where people have more freedom.

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