Brown and Out!

Happy Anniversary Prime Minister! The Labour party I’m sure will be jumping for joy today as they join together to celebrate Comrade Brown’s first year in office, oh and what a year it has been… for the Conservatives! The false promises and mismangement of New Labour has become ever more apparent in the last year. The strong and stable economy which Gordon Brown, by his own admission, inherited from the Tories in 1997 is in meltdown, the vast majority of councils are in Tory control, the former safe Labour seat of Crewe and Nantwich is in the hands of the Tories, the opinion polls are at rock bottom and the Labour party are about as united as Palestine.

To put the icing on Gordon Brown’s anniversary cake the Henley on Thames by election last night has resulted in a Tory majority of over 10,000 and Labour coming not 2nd, not 3rd, not 4th but 5th behind the likes of the Greens and the BNP. The disastrous result comes with opinion polls predicting a Conservative landslide at the next General Election, Labour on the verge of bankruptcy, growing unrest among backbenchers and continuing whispers of a leadership challenge.

In 2005 the Labour party polled over 25%, this year they struggled to make 5%. Labour and our dilluded counter parts at BULS will retort ‘oh our vote didn’t come out’. Well you can hide behind that saftey net all you like but WHY didn’t they come out? Granted the Tories were all but guarenteed a win in that seat but why would they not come out in force to show that they do support their leader and their party in this particularly desperate time. The answer? They don’t support ‘their’ leader and they don’t support ‘their’ party.

This goes to show one thing, the British people would rather vote for racists and greens than the Labour party. Go on Gordon deal the death blow to your party and your government, reinstate the pre-1980 power of the Unions and then we shall see what an election wipe out really looks like.

Anniversary opinon polls:  Conservative – 46, Labour – 28, Lib Dem – 15


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