A bit of fun…

On the anniversary of Gordon Browns first year in office the news websites have been a-buzz with quizes, games and polls. One I found particularly amusing was MSN’s ‘Whos the pick of the Prime Ministers’ which pits 2 random PM’s against each other and you have to vote for which one you think is the most popular. For once Margaret Thatcher does not top the list as most popular post war Prime Minister but comes an honourable second. It is interesting to note is that Conservative Prime Ministers have taken the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th spots, somewhat of a trend in popularity polls! Below are the results for how many ‘battles’each PM has won in the ‘popularity stakes’.

  • Winston Churchill  74%
  • Margaret Thatcher  70%
  • Harold Macmillan  55%
  • John Major  54%
  • Clement Attlee  52%
  • Alec Douglas-Home  49%
  • Edward Heath  48%
  • Tony Blair  45%
  • Harold Wilson  42%
  • Anthony Eden  40% 
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    3 thoughts on “A bit of fun…

    1. Well we always knew where DC’s priorities were. If Churchill was so great why did he never win the popular vote in an election? Is this the same public who voted ‘Gladiator’ the sixth greatest film of all time?

    2. Churchill is a unique figure. I think his popularity is not so much for his politics but for his credentials as a war time leader, a leader who led us to a remarkable victory and the fact that he is regarded as a ‘true brit’. In fact he is seen as the epitome of Britishness. As for gladiator… don’t be flippant Jack :P

      I also note that you have decided to pick on churchill and not Mrs T. I can only assume that you accept that you can’t argue with her popularity as she certainly did win the popular vote… by very hefty margins… 3 times!

    3. I think I admire Maggie more than Winnie. Churchill was a great war leader and a shody prime minister.

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