BUCF has passed the 100,000 hit milestone. I would like to offer my warmest congratulations to everyone who has contributed to the success of the BUCF blog. In particular I would Like to pay tribute to Dan Cowdrill, Jimmy McLoughlin, Theo Lomas, Ryan Castle, Dan O’Doherty, Jack Gilliland and all those of the previous and current committees who have played such a vital role in the development of BUCF. Here at BUCF we have set the trend. BULS, the Lib Dems and the Debating Society have all followed our example. We are trend setters and we need to continue this record. I know the new committee are looking forward to holding on to our award for the ‘Best Young Conservative Blog’ and we will do all we can to ensure that we keep up the very high standard our readership have come to expect from BUCF.   


11 thoughts on “100,000!!!

  1. It seems I had my previous comment deleted – or was it lost in cyberspace? Anywho, I was wandering how the BUCF committee’s plans were going for their referendum on being part of the Guild or not. Or perhaps they have backed down from this proposal?

  2. Tom you are correct your comment was deleted and I shall explain why.

    1) All our options have not been looked at yet because frankly we have only just finished the term, I myself have just returned from a week away. Also most of the committee and indeed membership do not wish to be bothered with this issue when we have only just started our holidays
    2) There is plenty of time between now and the next academic year (3 months odd!) for us to weigh up our options.
    3) This issue will not be rushed and we want to present as many options as possible which as you rightly say will be voted on in a ‘referendum’

    And finally the most crucial point is:

    What does this matter have to do with BULS?

    This is nothing more than typical BULS petty point scoring (that has backfired) When their own party and government is falling apart around their ears they decide to pick on the petty issues rather than sorting their own mess out.

    Anyway Tom its not the conservatives that run away from holding a promised referendum

  3. The quality of this blog has deteriorated to an immeasurable degree recently. I remember occasions when I looked forward to consulting this blog so I could read the (albeit misguided) opinions of some of your quality contributors. They appear to have largely disappeared. What we’re left with are posts that are bereft of intellect or comprehensible argument, and an editor who is apparently intent on suppressing the comments of anyone who disagrees with him.

    I shalln’t type much more, as I’m sure it will be a waste of time given the number of dissenting commenters having their contributions removed recently, but let me congratulate the BUCF committees of time gone by for their efforts in hitting the 100,000 mark, and let me warn the current committee that their behaviour thus far will surely mean a huge struggle to replicate that number.

    In any case, I look forward to taking part in many more healthy debates with the official Birmingham University Conservative Future group when it will no doubt reconstitute shortly into the new academic year, leaving this one, well, as irrelevant as it has been for the last few months.

  4. John once again you are wrong.

    Our stats over the last month have been consistently high… much higher than average (In addition to being picked up internationally) and the fact that you seem to detest what is written here is even more justification for us to continue along this line.

    In addition for someone who ‘censors’ i seem to have been a bit sloppy lately! Because it seems the majority of comments lately have been negative (admittedly the source of negativity lies squarely with the BULS camp) So such a remark is typical of you john, ignorant.

    I have openly admitted that I deleted a comment made by Comarde Guise earlier today, the first time I have censored a comment i might add, for one simple reason it was pathetic. ‘Hows the referendum coming?’ what on earth is that to do with BULS?that is a matter for the members of BUCF not petty individuals who think they can score a few minor political points.

    Although I should be delighted that BULS have decided to think about us over their summer break, they clearly have nothing else to concern themselves with! When an ‘announcement’ is made about our shortlisted options regarding this guild business then it will be posted on this blog and then and only then will BULS be justified in expressing any view at all on this matter. This is not anything that concerns BULS so they should keep their noses out of it.

    If you really want to punish us john, instead of taking up valuable comment space telling us how crap you think we are (we get the message now)… you know what… you could just stop visiting.

  5. As is typical with John he is making assertions that are false. Of course I am going to react. It would be better if he stopped visiting because he seems incapable of commenting without using personal attacks or smears in his responses. I cant remember a time when a comment of john ritchies engaged directly with a blog or involved an academic argument. You are right about one thing though… it isn’t worth it or rather he isn’t.

  6. Dan, I think you need to look at yourself before you criticise someone of making personal attacks or smears.

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