A petition over the whole James McGrath debacle!

James McGarth, a senior aide to Boris Johnson, resigned recently after he was reported to have said ‘let people go if they don’t like it here’ in response to a suggestion that Caribbean migrants might return to their homelands after Mr Johnson had become London mayor. Once again the politically correct brigade have reared their ugly heads and the pressure and embarrassment caused to Boris Johnson’s fledgeling administration meant that McGrath had to resign. I urge as many people as possible to support this petition which demands an immediate apology from www.the-latest.com for their unfair branding of McGrath as a racist.


15 thoughts on “A petition over the whole James McGrath debacle!

  1. Whether he is racist or not, the fact of the matter is that this is a ridiculous comment to make. the lexicn of the comment “them” and “go back” is offensive and disgusting. i am sorry theo they was no other option but for him to resign. comments like this have no place in the tory party, the london government or modern Britain. this is not PC politcs gone mad, but the right course of action for a ludicrous comment, whether it is truely meant or not is irrelevant.

  2. Ryan Im sorry but you are wrong. ‘let people go if they don’t like it here’ how is this racist? If he’d have said something ridiculous like ‘if the wogs don’t like it they can sod off” then THAT is racist. To say that if an individual doesn’t like where they are they can leave, not telling them to but offering them an alternative, is most certainly not racist.

    It strikes me that some tories are so desperate to appear modern and PC that the sense goes out of the window. We are not a racist party and you are spot on when you say that racism has no place in the party, in london or in modern britain but you have to use a bit of logic ryan. Define what is racist and what isnt.

    This politically correct jargon is a weapon of the left. The vast majority of Britons are fed up with it and I sincerely doubt that had he stayed on there would have been a backlash because they can find nothing lexically racist in his comments. It IS Political correctness gone mad. Surely if there had been anything remotely racist BULS would have gone in to over drive… but even they have avoided the issue because they know it wont wash and they can’t defend their argument

  3. Instead of “It strikes me that some tories are so desperate to appear modern and PC that the sense goes out of the window.”

    Read “It worries me that Cameron’s rebranding of the Tories is going to annihilate our racist grassroots that come out to vote for us, come rain or shine. Not that I’m racist or owt. I just want to make that clear. Some of my best friends are black. And gay. And poor. Honest.”

    Incidentally, Dan… if this comment of his was really not remotely racist, your party would surely have defended him, and made political advantage from putting forward a common sense vs politically correct argument. The fact that the Tories let him swing says it all.

    I was going to say I couldn’t believe this comment of yours, “To say that if an individual doesn’t like where they are they can leave, not telling them to but offering them an alternative, is most certainly not racist.” You are either very very racist, have very very little poltical nouse, or are very very stupid. Take your pick. I’m still willing to supply my 9-year old cousin if you need my argument explained.

    Do you think visitors to this blog may be drawing inferences from the people you appear to get most empassioned at defending, Dan? If we left heroes of yours, like Enoch Powell and James McGarth, to their own devices, turning away from an argument in case we’re accused of being a member of the PC brigade, I fear we’d all end up like… well, you.

  4. I think it’s unfair to say that the Conservatives have racist grassroots, I think in reply to that it could be argued that Labour grassroots are “work-shy dolescum who love this government because of the amount of money they get from them and so will continue to vote for them”.

    With so many people in the Labour Party in favour of the EU, I would think that an argument that favours free movement between states, both emigration and immigration, as a result of general unhappiness with society, would supported by the Europhiles. (Of course this part was meant sarcastically).

  5. Joe,

    I appreciate the “sarcasm” :) As for the first part – don’t forget that the deterioriation of society that is being passed down the generations has its roots in the 80s and in the actions of Thatcher… having said that, I don’t suppose you would worry about something if you didn’t think it exists.

    Also, if Labour’s grassroots were work-shy dolescum, we’d have been in trouble before now… workshy dolescum simply don’t vote – you don’t need to be much of a psephologist to know that. Unfortunately, the rank and file biggots of the Tories grass roots come out and vote come rain or shine.

    I’ve not seen many Tories (apart from the Powell-worshippers) come out and support this guy. I hope this isn’t indicative of some mismatch between the Tories’ leadership and grassroots. I’d hate that.

  6. You argue that the deterioration of society is as a result of Thatcher, I disagree, I would argue that it it probably more to do with our culture of reliance that was created from 1945 with the creation of the Welfare State under Clement Atlee. Of course this is hardly the populist idea.

    In addition to this, the Labour Party are in trouble now, have you not read any of the recent articles on the state of your party finances? 88% of your funding from the first quarter of this year came from the Trade Unions, in exchange for I hear, the re-instatement of higher strike powers, calls for optimism? If anything this seems to be hinting we might need another Thatcher in the not-so-distant future.

    Ah yes the vote, the popular vote that Labour have never won? Maybe the “workshy dolescum” (this was intended as a grossly overexaggerated stereotype I might add) should be carted out for the next election, as GB doesn’t seem to be doing very well, then perhaps the election won’t be too embarassing, this provided we don’t make a huge cock up of course.

    Of course there is a mismatch between some parts of the Conservative Party and the Leadership, as there is with every Party, yours included. Surely parties are also places for political diversity between the centrists and the traditionalists? There doesn’t only have to be differences between the Parties, after all, that is why we have an active democracy.

  7. John you are truly ridiculous, your remarks used to irritate me now they just amuse me. Incidently I am not suprised you have chalked all socieities problems to Thatcher… the last refuge of a desperate leftie.

    I also reiterate that I am in no way suggesting he shouldn’t have resigned, sadly it is a characteristic of the society in which we live where you can’t breathe a word on such issues and if you do be porepared for your P45. What I contest, what Boris contests, what Cameron contests and what almost everyone with a brain would contest is any notion that James McGrath is racist. He isn’t and his comments in no way reflect racism, they reflect a lapse of judgement which made it impossible for him to keep his job.

    John your views on the tory party are as out of date as your politics. You can hide behind your little ‘tories are racist rhetoric’ all you want but you have absolutely no proof and absolutely no idea how to tackle the problems facing society (just like the rest of your paty) the next election will certainly be interesting.

  8. OK Dan do you accept that McGrath himself may NOT be a racist but what he said was a deeply offensive comment which in itself was racist?

    They are different things, something you can’t seemingly comprehend.

  9. deeply offensive? no. Poorly judged? yes. Althought I am sure some people would find his remarks offensive I am confident that to the vast majority it would be water off a ducks back. The point is no one really cares and it is a politically correct minority claiming to speak for everyone else.

    The point is, and this is something I think BULS fail to comprehend, no one really cares because what he said wasn’t that bad. Sadly yoú have to watch every word that comes out of your mouth in politics which is why i think no one really gives a damn about politics because politics does not represent the views or opinions of the everyday day man because the everyday man almost certainly does not watch every word he says.

  10. Firstly Dan you contradict yourself by claiming it was not deeply offensive but then conceeding some people would find it deeply offensive…

    Also what empirical evidence do you have that it would be ‘water of a ducks back’? Or is that just the opinion of you and your mates?

    You then claim ‘BULS’ (whoever that is.. me or John?) don’t understand that what he said wasn’t that bad. Well firstly that is an opinion. Secondly Cameron and Boris both thought it was a serious enough thing for him to have to go.

    Then you say you have to watch every word that comes out of your mouth in politics. That is true, Tory MPs have to guard against saying the outrageous things which you can utter.

    Then you claim politics does not relate to ordinary people. Unfortunately if many people share a racist view with a politician, this doesn’t make that viewpoint any less racist.

    I AM NOT calling McGrath a racist per se, just that the comments he made were wrong. No belittling of a ‘politically correct minority’ can answer that point.

  11. In response to your first remark… I was speaking from my personal point of view, I think what he said was off the cuff and I cant find anything insulting about it but I do acknowledge the hyper sensitive amongst you might.

    Second, what empirical evidence do I have to support my claim that it is water off a ducks back? NONE but a pretty good guess judging by the public response. Incidently what empirical evidence do you have to suggest that it isn’t water off a ducks back? Boris was extremely reluctant to sack McGrath and I have it on good authority cameron had to personally intervene.

    Boris doesnt like pandering to situations like this but given the curent political climate he had no choice where you have to watch every single little word you say for fear of how it could be interpreted. Alot of conservatives and indeed alot of moderates I Know find this situation laughable. The common response that i have heard from alot of people when I have told them about this is “so what?! they say worse to each other at PMQs!” No-one from a non political standpoint can understand why this is such an issue.

    Had the situation been the reverse. Had white Livingstone supporters feared ‘unfair treatment under boris and had McGrath told them to go somewhere else would there have been half the fuss? and if not why not? No matter how you jazz it up you know the answer to that question. Nothing would have happened. Race is a hyper sensitive issue and it is ridiculous how something so bloody trivial has been blown up by certain individuals.

    I can’t be bothered with this anymore. We arent going to agree. This situation as with much of politics is about personal perception and opinion. You think he shouldn’t have said what he said, I am not really bothered by what he said and I speculate the vast majority of people will not be bothered by this either. Of course as you rightly say I cannot prove this just as you cannot disprove it unless you care to do a survey and get back to me?!

    Sticks and stones.

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