BUCF End of Term Drinks

Tonight the committee is holding its end of term drinks at Pennyblacks bar in the Mailbox. It promises to be a good event attended by local Conservative politicians and party members. This event is open to anyone and is not intended to be particularly political, rather it is a chance for the new committee and the members to get to know each other and celebrate the end of what has been a particularly turbulent term for BUCF but one which we have come out of stronger than before. Dress code is smart casual, So come one come all and who knows the Chairman may actually put his hand in his pocket!


6 thoughts on “BUCF End of Term Drinks

  1. Right, so I get you guys are going through something quite momentous at the moment, what with leaving the Guild et al, but I feel this is one of the problems with your group at the moment. By having your socials and things at places such as Pennyblacks in the Mailbox (somewhere I am presuming is more expensive than, say, the Soak or the Gunnies), you may find that you alienate people who simply cannot afford to join you at such places. Not wishing to be too critical, but could I perhaps suggest you hold your socials next year at somewhere a bit more, errm, inclusive?

  2. As last night was our end-of-term drinks we held it at a different place to make it more special and a nice farewell to third year members. Next year events will be held on the whole at pubs and places in Selly Oak, but also at more ‘exclusive’ locations on important occasions. On the whole i would have to strongly disagree that the event excluded anyone on a financial basis. I had a lovely evening and spent only £7 on drinks. As was mentioned in the post, members did buy drinks for attendees, and i would have been happy to buy a drink or two for others.

    As the events officer it is my firm belief, and most important task, in my opinion, that i make events more ‘inclusive’, something which i believe was not hindered by last night. As a special end of year celebration it can be quite nice to get out of the ‘Selly Oak bubble’, and in my case enjoy an evening for a much lower cost than the majority of my outings to the Soak or the Gunnies.

  3. I forgot to add that i twould like to thank you for constructive criticism, and i hope that has answered your queries, and that next year you will see us as the social and inclusive society that we aim to be.

  4. Well said Mat, also it may interest you to know that the difference in prices isn’t as great as everyone seems to think. A pint of strongbow around selly oak will cost on average between £2.20 -£2.70, in the Mailbox it is £3. A g’n’t on the other hand is £4.95 lol… the lesson?… avoid the spirits and you’ll be fine!

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