Mr President meets Mr Personality…

George W Bush and Gordon Brown have held high level talks in Downing Street as George Bush rounds off what is being billed as his ‘farewell tour’ of Europe. Predictably the two put on a good show of unity and friendship and both renewed their commitment to the campaigns that the Bush and Blair governments embarked on in 2001 and 2003. Unsuprisingly Iran became a focal point of the press conference held this morning when both issued stern warnings to Ahmadinejad.

Bush said Tehran’s demand for nuclear power for civilian purposes was “justifiable” – but could be met by Russia’s offer to supply them with fuel. In a message to Tehran, he said: “You bet you have a sovereign right, absolutely, but you don’t have the trust of those of us who have watched you carefully when it comes to enriching uranium.” George Bush certainly does have an undeniable ability to communicate doesn’t he? In return Brown stated he wanted open dialogue with the Iranians but claimed Britain would push Europe to impose harsher sanctions on Tehran if they ignored UN resolutions.

Mr Bush’s discussions with the prime minister followed an earlier meeting with ex-PM and now Middle East envoy Tony Blair with whom he shared such a ‘close, personal relationship’. That meeting and the picture above shows that Tony Blair is still looking over the shoulder of Gordon Brown!


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