No!, Non!, Nein! Got it yet?

The bureaucratic bog known as the European Union has been dealt another slap across the chops when the Irish were given their chance to ratify or reject the Lisbon treaty in a referendum held yesterday. Here in Britain under Commandant Brown we find it quaint that a nation should actually be allowed to have an oppourtunity to express its opinion on something that affects their liberty, however we did look on with curiosity as the Irish went to the polls and had their say. Early results show that the Irish have rejected the treaty by a convincing margin. Now why is this important to Britain you ask, well in many ways Ireland could have just saved our sovereignty. Had Ireland ratified this outrageous piece of tripe, that is in all intents and purposes the blueprint for a Federal Europe, Britain would have been forced to fall in to line because our beloved Prime Minister had already so willingly signed away our liberty by backing the treaty without the public vote he promised to give us.

The Lisbon Treaty, as well as being profoundly undemocratic, threatens the civil liberties which until recently we believed to be integral to the British way of life. This treaty would ultimately hand power over our legal system over to a federal europe and would blow a hole in Britains borders permitting Brussels to take full control over our asylum and immigration policies. The EU’s latest power grab treaty will also threaten jobs and undermine the last vestiges of Britains competative free market all but bringing an end to the reforms introduced by Thatcher.

Like the rejected constitution, the new Reform Treaty is nothing more than a blueprint for a European superstate dreamt up by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. This time around, however, most of Europe doesn’t get to vote, as democracy is too dangerous a concept for the architects of this grand vision of an EU superstate. Their disregard for democracy and liberty explains why our Prime Minister is backing it. It also proves what we Conservatives have always suspected: Brussels doesn’t listen to you or me or the ‘little people’, they listen only to the sound of their own ambitions and their own dream of a  federal Europe and they will do what they can to hoodwink the people until they get their way.

All 27 European member states had to ratify the treaty for it to come into force next year as planned. So far it has been approved by 18 members (including Britain), but Ireland is the only country to put it to a public vote. The Irish result on the surface comes as a suprise as even Irish Eurosceptics admit that the EU has been crucial in Ireland’s transformation from a relatively small country dependent overwhelmingly on trade with its former ruler Britain into a wealthy modern state that can compete on the world stage. The reason why Ireland has rejected it is that the Irish, along with many other European citizens, recognise the benefits of the European Union but are ultimately refuse to sign away their sovreignty and liberty in such a way. The leaders of the 26 other member states, not citizens I might add, will have watched with dismay and suprise I imagine as Ireland voted “no”, and this decision by the Irish will inevitably lead to much infighting and bickering across Europe. :)

It is one of the great ironies of history that we have had to rely on the Irish, a former foe and colony, to come to our rescue and defend our liberty. They feel that they, and perhaps even their leaders, are being hoodwinked by Brussels’ desire to centralise more power and control in their grubby little hands at the expense of the member states. This fear was exaccerbated by the admission that Brian Cowen the new Irish PM hadn’t even read the Treaty! One can only hope that their rejection will go some way to putting this outrageous piece of federalism to the scrap heap of history.

Frankly only mugs such as Brown sign up to anything they don’t understand. In 1990 we had a Prime Minister who would stand up to Brussels for our liberty and who would fight for our freedom from a federal Europe. Her words shown in the video above have never been more apt. So if you have the time I encourage you to watch it when she famously says ‘NO NO NO” to a federal Europe by the backdoor and remember what it was like to have a Prime Minister stand up for our liberty . This episode is just further proof, if we needed it, that despite Browns claims that he is Thatcher’s heir and a conviction politician… he isn’t a patch on Thatch.


10 thoughts on “No!, Non!, Nein! Got it yet?

  1. congratulations to the people of ireland on there stunning victory on the lisbon treaty
    forget about football . in my opionion ireland have just won the european cup.
    super ireland

  2. Time for Ireland to keep up the momentum and withdraw further, let them not pull the same trick they pulled in ’05 after we rejected the Nice treaty. Closer relations with teh English speaking world please!

  3. ‘Laying it on a bit thick’ haha I know. That tends to happen with issues I feel passionately about. I refrained from commenting on this issue before so I could see how it panned out. I am over the moon that Ireland has rejected it and I sorely hope that Brown will have an epiphany and realise that even a nation which has arguably got more out of europe than many others rejected this treaty because it is an outrageous infringment of our sovereignty.

  4. It’s a shame that the so-called CONServative and Unionist Party brought the United Kingdom to this point by first of all pushing us into what was supposed to have been just a Common Market (without a referendum), signing the Single European Act (Thatcher did that one!) (also without a referendum), and forcing through the Maastrict Treaty (yes, you guessed it, without a referendum)!

    Tory hypocrisy about saving our national sovereignty! Don’t you lust love it?

  5. The single european act was signed in the interests of a free market not a european super state and I truly believe that Thatcher was misled. As soon as thatcher realised this she mounted a crusade to defend Britain from any further integration or encroachment on the part of the EU. Conservatives take issue with this latest treaty as it threatens the control of our legal system and our borders! There is nothing hypocritical about criticising it as we are not judging it by the standards or precidents of yesterday but by its implications for tomorrow!

    Conservatives, for the most part, acknowledge europe is an important part of our way of life and support it as such. We acknowledge that we cannot act as ‘little islanders’ and criticise the EU without cause or reason, but neither do we need to willingly sign away our borders and our sovereignty in the way this treaty wishes. Even the Irish have seen that!

    In Europe yes… Run by Europe NO!

  6. Paragraphs 2 and 3 read very nicely but there is one major drawback, namely that you do not sustantiate your claims in any way. The Lisbon treaty is inherently undemocratic? Threatening Civil liberties? Creating a European Super State? …

    Great Polemics. Great populist Euroscepticism. I doubt you have read the Treaty as if you had it would be very difficult to reach your conclusions. Back your claims with facts and we might be able to have a discussion but as it stands your argument is pure populism.

  7. Fabian, you are wrong for a number of reasons. You say my blog is ‘populist euro-scepticism’… well I am delighted because its very rare my politics is termed ‘populist’ (nice change from fascist) and I am indeed a euro-sceptic so you would be correct. Admittedly most of the core argument in my blog is implicit rather than explicit, after all I expected that, being a conservative blog, the readers will be all too aware of this treaty and further explanation was a waste of space. If you wish me to clarify a few points I will gladly.

    You say I am wrong to say that this treaty is undemocratic. Even at a very basic surface level that doesn’t require a phd in European politics you can surely see that it is profoundly undemocratic that a document that will affect our nation so much (for reasons I shall go in to) is railroaded through parliament despite a promise by the government in 2005 to hold a referendum.

    This treaty isn’t the will of the people, which forgive me is meant to be paramount, but a treaty imposed on us by the very people who are meant to preserve our sovereignty. As many a European politician has been honest enough to admit, this treaty bears a striking resemblance to the abandoned Constitution and as such represents another major step along the road to surrendering national sovereignty altogether. That constitution was democratically rejected so why is it back?

    I therefore ask you; is it democratic that a treaty that was rejected and killed off by Dutch and French voters in 2005, a treaty that flies in the face of the will of the people and undermines our sovereignty should be imposed on us without a referendum? If this treaty is so bloody good why can’t it be put to the test in the ballot box?

    The truth is the European bureaucrats are afraid of democracy; they want to undermine our sovereign ability to determine our own destiny. This to me undermines our civil liberties, liberties which this government seem to have contempt for. The EU is morphing into a gigantic political entity with the obvious ambition to become the worlds first supranational super-state. No I don’t want this and neither do a majority of the people.

    Whether you agree with that or not is not for you to decide. We have the right to determine whom we are governed by, what authorities we are accountable to, whom is accountable to us and which bodies should have a say over areas of policy that affect our nation. I will not accept a treaty that signs away our border controls, I will not accept a treaty that is imposed on us without a referendum and I will not accept a treaty that signs away Britain’s veto in over 40 policy areas!

    So looking at it from a purely objective view I take issue with it for 3 main reasons:

    1)It takes away control of our border policy and 40 other areas of VETO the UK has

    2)It is being imposed on us without referendum, which incidentally was promised.

    3)It ignores the will of the people and our civil liberties, which as quaint as it may seem to New Labour; I am actually quite fond of!

    Common sense must prevail, and the British people should have the freedom to reject an Orwellian vision of Europe’s future in favour of the principles of sovereignty and freedom.

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