BUCF Withdraws from the Guild

Over the past few weeks the committee, in consultation with the previous committee, have been in discussions about what direction BUCF should take in the future. As most of our members and the student body at large will agree, Guild politics is shambolic to say the least. Last week the previous chairman Theo Lomas informed me that BUCF had been given a stark ultimatum: play a more active role in farcical Guild politics or be de-recognised. The committee chose the latter option, which is a good indicator of the level of contempt with which most of us at BUCF, and I dare say Birmingham University, hold Guild politics. It is my opinion and the opinion of much of the student body that the Guild is far too cliquey and is filled with power hungry and self righteous individuals who claim mandates of a pitiful portion of the University electorate.

For now at least BUCF is apart from the Guild of Students and we will be deciding what course we should take as a society in the near future. As Chairman it is my desire that BUCF and its members should determine their own future and they should not feel constrained by Guild Bureaucrats or procedure. Thus the committee will be holding a formal ‘referendum’ for BUCF members on what direction they feel we as a society should now take. This should take place before the next academic year after all our options have been weighed up. This is a watershed moment for us as a society but it is the committee’s deeply held belief that our disassociation from a body that is regarded as more irrelevant than Gordon Brown, will be of no detriment to our development as a strong student society. We shall keep you all posted about future arrangements.