Queen Elizabeth II, Decomissioned.

No the Queen has not gone in to retirement but the luxurious ship that bears her name has sailed in to history. Her Majesty was on hand to bid a final farewell to the ship she launched in 1969, as were many other notable names. The Queen Elizabeth 2 has had an interesting life, it served as a luxury liner to the rich and famous and it also served in a war. In 1982 Britain, under the premiership of Margaret Thatcher, took on the Argentines in order to liberate the Falkland Islands. The QE2 was sent to the Falklands carrying more than 3000 troops to help with the war effort. Baroness Thatcher was also on hand at the ceremony that marked the ships final departure from Britain. She now sails to Dubai where she will serve as a floating hotel.


4 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth II, Decomissioned.

  1. I think he has refered to the QE2 properly within the post, I think it is just the headline that is ‘inaccurate’… or maybe it was deliberate jack, to keep in tone with the opening sentence which joked that it wasn’t ‘the queen’ was was decomissioned.

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