The Most Powerful People in the UK…

Blair, Thatcher and the Queen all made the list

Despite handing over the position of Prime Minister to Gordon Brown almost a year ago, Tony Blair is still considered the most influential man in the UK, according to a new poll. In a survey of 1,000 business leaders, Mr Blair received 20% of the vote to find the nation’s most powerful people, closely followed by Mr Brown on 19%.

David Cameron came further down the list of the most influential men at fifth place, ranked after businessman Sir Richard Branson and News Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch. The Queen was named the most influential woman in the UK with over 33% of the votes, followed by former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on 18% and Harry Potter author JK Rowling in third place with 11%.

What was surprising was that it was almost all of the political figures who featured highly, like Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher, are now retired from the roles they were known for. People do seem to get rose-tinted glasses after a while and perhaps Tony Blair is benefiting from that.


10 thoughts on “The Most Powerful People in the UK…

  1. Ask your favoruite leftie lecturer Bob Watt and he will explain . . .

    She exerts far far more influence than Brown ever will.

  2. Power and influence does not neccessarily have to be physical power tom. She commands more respect and affection in this country and around the world I dare to presume, than any politician or leader ever could. polls like this and polls that show 80%+ approval ratings are phenominal and unmatched. How an institution over 1000 years old has survivved in to the 21st century is incredible and admirable but most importantly inspirational. So no i am not suprised she has topped the list.

  3. i have no doubt that she commands lots of respect, but what does she do with this influence? nothing. thank christ for that. can you imagine if the queen woke up one day and thought, rather than walking her corgies or eating her cereal, that Ireland should really be her territory. She calls Gordon and expresses her wishes, can you imagine if, because of all this influence, Britain invaded Ireland. It’s unthinkable, I’m now truly worried that you say this unchecked and unscrutinised woman, purely in her position because of birth, can exert this influence.

    I feel tremendously unsafe now.

  4. haha not all people in positions of powr launch un-neccesary wars. The Queen has made it clear for years that the future of the monarchy is a matter for the people. She has expressed the eact same sentiments across the commonwealth and she is enourmously respected for it. Granted it may seem strange to be ‘born in to a position of power’ but i personallythink that makes you less likely to be corrupted by it, which cannot be so easily said of our elected politicians. The greatest things about a monarchy is the stability and sense of British tradition it provides. Its power is very much limited in physical terms, which incidently i support, but the bulk of its power rests with the support of the people which is the most valuable asset of any democracy.

    However should the Queen abuse her position and the trust afforded to her in acts such, as you flippantly claim, ‘invading ireland’ then that support would inevitably slip away and she would be finished. So yes tom as long as she keeps to her role of serving the people well then she is very much secure… Gordon Brown could do with taking a few notes!

  5. I demand a cross-party debate in the autumn term so I can properly put my arguments and convince you that the monarchy is BAD!

  6. I’m all for such a debate! I can’t, for one thing, understand why people don’t like the monarchy!

    Actually, you seem to have missed one vital thing while you were all worrying about the Queen – thirsd most influential woman in the UK: JK Rowling?!
    I mean, God knows I love Harry Potter, but what?!

  7. haha that was my thought aswell Laura but then I realised bar Thatcher and the Queen no other woman really matters so they threw JK in for good measure… (btw that was a joke!)

  8. For split second i was about to go nuts and call in my feminist friends, until i saw the brackets. don’t scare me like that again daniel.

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