The United Knifedom

British society is on a knife edge, quite literally. Our streets are more often than not becoming the scenes of great violence and unimaginable tradgedy.  Sadly it is the blood of the young that stream in our streets and this weeks events only reinforce this opinion. Rob Knox, 18, was stabbed to death in a fight outside a bar in Sidcup and he now adds his name to an evergrowing list of young men and women who have met a gruesome and unneccessary end on the streets of London.

This knife culture must end. The desire for ‘Cool Britainnia’ has led us down the path of social chaos and the goverment adopted ‘nicey nicey’ approach has failed and continues to cost the lives of countless individuals. I believe a Conservative government should make our position on this matter clear: carry a knife… go to jail. For me there is no middle road on this issue and it is the deisre to look for the middle way that has led us to this situation.

There is absolutely no reason why a British citizen has the need to carry a knife. We do not live in a guerilla state and we are a society that is protected by and enforces the rule of law. We as a government in waiting need to explictly state our desire to stamp out the knife carrying culture immediately before it becomes an integral and irreversal part of the British social fabric.

Those who carry knives are common criminals, end of, and they should be dealt with as such. I believe that this policy could be tested in the Conservative controlled London Authority, which arguably is the capital and greatest victim of the knife culture. The success of the policy, and I am confident it will be a success, would serve as a benchmark for the rest of the country to follow.

No ordinary British citizen would believe that this is a bad idea. However I do understand that the practicalities of removing the knife culture from the city and the country is troublesome but not totally insurmountable. There can be no half hearted approach to this, like a cancer it needs to be excised with a potentially painful course of treatment for a greater good. Make it abundently clear that Londons streets are a knife free zone, should anyone be caught carrying a knife they should be dealt with by the appropriate authorities and the punishment should be in proportion to the crime. For persistant offenders (and by persistant I mean two or three not ten!) there is only one solution: jail time and rehabilitation regardless of age.

The nicey nicey approach has failed, knife crime is at an all time high, no matter how much Labour spin their figures, and I sincerely hope that the Conservative led administration of London can serve as a benchmark for the rest of the country. Tough justice is the only option for this type of crime. Come on Boris… lets see some Conservative conviction!


13 thoughts on “The United Knifedom

  1. “Blood of the young that stream in our streets?” Sounds reminiscent of something said by one of your heroes, Daniel.

    It also has features of a David Cameron speech… all fur coat and no knickers.

    What EXACTLY are you going to do? If your only answer is to introduce prison sentences for people carrying knives, I think you may be a little late with that one…

    Incidentally, I wonder how quickly you’d have been running to blog on this if it were a black working class kid from Bethnal Green who had been stabbed, rather than a white middle-class one from Sidcup. I guess the rivers of blood are the same colour?

  2. John im not going to engage with you about ‘one of my heroes’… we’ve seen where that leads. Instead I am going to make a few short points:

    1) In regards to your ‘David Cameron’ remark I am intrigued to what you think is ‘fur coat’ about it…
    2) Also you ask what ‘would I do’about the situation…. right I would a) I would empower the police to stop and search those whom they deem ‘suspect’, common sense should prevail as to whom they search but the powers should be there as public saftey is vital and if the members of the public chosen have nothing to hide then a minute or two out of their day will be of no great issue b) I would make it explicitly clear to Londoners, as a test case, that carrying a knife for no legitimate reason will result in a trial and likely jail time. There is no ‘easing in’ to this policy this would be enacted with immediate effect and I would make the public more than aware of the consequences of non compliance. I am waiting for the charges of ‘POLICE STATE!!!’ Well if ensuring our streets are free of the scourge of knives then so be it. Labour seem happy enough for us to have a nanny state which I find equally abhorrent.

    Also in regards to your comment about would I blog about this issue if it was a ‘black working class kid’ who was stabbed… well yes I would as the issue remains the same. I am not singling out this one individual, I am using him as a recent example. My desire to see a change in this situation is as much for those who are of a different ethnic persuasion as it is for whites. Arguably it is the other ethnic groups that would benefit most from a mor aggressive stance on knife crime as they are the greatest VICTIMS of it!

    I love it though how you chalk everything down to race… it is people like you making a distinction between ‘them’ and ‘us’ that fuels the ‘racism’ you claim to detest. When you see any LEGITIMATE racial slur or sentiment in any of my posts then we can have a conversation. Until then save your pathetic inaccurate assumptions and deal with the post not the personal.

    The fundamental point of this post is simple… more needs to be done. if enough was being done then the situation wouldn’t be this bad. People aren’t afraid of the law anymore, people have no respect for the police, there has been a fundamental breakdown of society under this government and I am hopeful that Cameron will be the man to fix it. Time will tell.

  3. I have just approved the link prague… sorry it didnt come on sooner but as Jimmy mentioned earlier any comment with a link in it automatically needs to be approved by the editor. Anyway it just reinforces what I said 2 minutes earlier… the common sense approach!

  4. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. So ridiculous in fact, upon my first reading, I mistook it as a satire a la Swift’s “Modest Proposal.” But no, you are serious. You seriously believe in what you are writing. You believe that people who carry a knife for work everyday, like myself, a humble electrician (who would most likely be spat on by the likes of you) should be thrown in jail for doing nothing but fulfilling our job requirements. No middle ground you say? There is a middle ground here regardless of whether your small mind can come to terms with it. There is nothing wrong with the average person carrying a pocketknife, such as myself and millions of my fellow countrymen do everyday. Don’t believe me? Think about it next time you have to open a package, open a letter, cut an apple, remove a tag or stray string from some clothes, or (heaven forbit) cut yourself out of your seatbelt in the event of a car crash. Of course, I am not advocating a lack of laws, of course criminals using knives for crimes should be presecuted, but a man simply carrying a TOOL is not suitable grounds for such punishment. I don’t think you are a bad person for having your opinion, (funny, since you sould seem to think I am a bad person for carrying a knife) you are simply a product of your country’s culture of fear. Letting the image of a reckless youth with a knife loose on the streets scare youn into giving up your rights. I feel for you, and from the bottom of my heart, I apologize for your circumstances.

    -Benjamin Andrews, Portland Oregon USA

  5. I think you fail to understand the point of the post. Carrying a knife for legitimate reasons, i.e work, is perfectly acceptable. Carrying it in a social situation, i.e going to the supermarket or on a night out, is most certainly not acceptable. Knife related violence has become a big problem in the UK, particularly amongst the young, and im sorry but I will never accept that carrying a knife, other than for practical and employment purposes, is acceptable. What possible purpose do young people, as young as 14, have for carrying a knife?

  6. “Such as myself and millions of my fellow countrymen do everyday”
    Ben, what you seem to fail in grasping is how much of a problem knife crime is in England. I am a 16-year old, and this year alone I have been mugged at knife point three times. Seeing as you come from a society where gun possession is legal and promoted, you may not realize that this is our equivalent. I’m assuming that a gang member carrying only a knife for protection would come to a swift end in one of America’s more violent cities.
    I know you act as if the knife is some sort of wondrous multi-purpose tool, but I can honestly say I’ve never used one outside of the kitchen. Who’s carrying a knife around in their pocket in case of a car crash?
    Knifes are insanely easy to get a hold of- a few weeks ago a Brighton Beach shop was in trouble for selling 9″ kitchen knives for 50p.
    I agree with the original poster on this issue. Who could possibly disagree with longer sentences for carrying knives?! It’s a simple deterrent.

  7. What a load of bollocks and I Quote “There is absolutely no reason a british citizen should carry a knife” is this man serious, come on really? Well asshole I carry a knife everyday in my job I need it to open packages wich I do all day long and in delivery of packages to remouve packing tape, Should I be arrested and sent to prison then? A knife is a usefull tool and man has caried knives in one form or other for thousands of years, A knife has even saved my life when I found myself trapped in my car after a bad accident being choked by my safety belt. I say thank god for the knife, You people want a sollution start prosecuting those who use a blade in violence and leave us lawfull citizens who carry knives alone….

  8. fuck all you british assholes your law obsessed freedom hating morons who want to regulate everything to death this blog reminds me of william the conqueror in the fact that he took a free society and introduced repressive laws apon it. lets make more laws an more laws till know one can move withought being arrested? is that really what you people want is that a solution?


    cant you see your destroying freedom you do-gooder pricks maybe if you spent time actually raising your kids you selfish assholes they wouldnt be on the streets knifing eachother

    think about it ,that is if you robots still have the capacity to think?

  9. HA! You think Im going to take lectures from Yankee scum that killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to save a nickle on a gallon of gas?! Do one with your socialist scum President. America is finished mate Obama will make sure of that.

  10. I’ve used much tamer terms than Chris and have been censored on this forum. Does his comment really nearly need to be left there?

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