You’re not singing anymore . . .

There seems to be an eerie silence coming from our counterparts at BULS. At a time of new consensus, I am daring to break cover on a particular issue.

What is their reaction to the by election results, and to the continuing calls about Gordon Brown’s leadership? They were delighted about this time last year (I count at least 4 posts on the Ealing Southall by election).

At the time, I posted a staunch defence of David Cameron. As I believed he was still the best man for the job.

Last June, BULS graciously voted to back Gordon Brown for their leader (!)It is not pleasant when you lose a by election. However, their silence on his leadership and by election perhaps speaks volumes (interesting to note it has taken Cabinet colleagues three days to come out and support him, and then hardly in droves, say what you will about Blairites, they always defended their man).

Tom Marley outgoing chair of BULS posted on Thursday: the result of the Crewe by-election and what will be a critical juncture in the history of this Labour government . . . The actual result doesn’t matter.

A rather odd contradiction in itself, what do the new committee think? Or are they great ditherers also?


7 thoughts on “You’re not singing anymore . . .

  1. No one from BULS actually campaigned in Crewe unfortunately due to exams, in the Labour Party we take a dim view of arm chair strategists, it would not be gracious to comment on or slag off the crewe by-election campaign, we simply do not have the knowledge of it to make reasonable contributions to the aftermath – put simply there is no point.

    I believe I personally wrote all 4 posts last year regarding Ealing, that is because I worked on that campaign in the southall office for every day of it, I therefore felt I had great sound knowledge of the campaign and its outcomes. Tom Marley wrote a post on sedgefield as he helped out there.

    With regards to Gordon Brown, i support him to continue to be our leader and Prime Minister. Can’t speak about any other members obviously. To be honest, my blogs the past couple of weeks have been very short and sloppy, I’m simply more interested in my exams at the moment.

  2. Try:


    I’m not about to call for Brown’s resignation, just as you didn’t call for Cameron’s in the wake of Ealing Southall. I will be the first to call for Brown to resign as soon as it appears Cameron is offering a more credible alternative to Brown and, after digging below mere rhetoric and right-wing rants, he is anything other than the best person to lead this country over the coming years.

    PS. What’s your favourite Tory policy?

  3. Wow, I check bucf for the first time in a fortnight and its all about us. How exciting! Not really a fan of the new layout though, boys, sorry.

    I think we’ve covered the downbeat Labour ratings quite extensively, do you only visit us sporadically too?

  4. John… might I suggest

    And also you are right we might be a bit coy when it comes to unveiling major policies for one simple reason…. GORDON WILL NICK THEM!!!!! e.g: Inheritance Tax, Immigration controls.

    So watch this space… incidently it does speak volumes that the Crewe and Nantwich electorate would rather elect a party ‘with no policies’ as you claim, than New Labour. Food for thought?

  5. Well I am glad I provokked such a reaction.

    Tom G: All the points you make are extremely valid, and I did not campaign in Crewe due to exams also, and this is why my blog postings have been more sporadic also!

    I am not asking you to comment on the campaign directly, just rather what you think the effects will be. My personal belief is that it is not half as big as everyone is making out to be. We have to remember that the Crewe by election makes up less of 1/600th of total population, I believe the local elections are actually a much greater indicator of what the electorate is thinking. I think the media often over-hype by elections. Yes they are important, but governments always historically do badly in them.

    John: The point I was making was that there had been no response since the by election. I do agree with you about the campaign tactics in comments left on this website.

    If you put a link in a comment, it comes up as spam. Spamming occurs frequently the more popular the website becomes.

    Tom: I agree with you about wasting breath it feels about defending your leader, I had the same experience last Summer.

    Brigid: I always read your diary for your interesting musings, and you have been focusing a lot on the abortion upper time limits which I understand. I do not expect every member of a society to give their view on recent results.

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