Prague Tory: Crewe & Nantwich Post Mortem…

Sounds like good news is coming through from Crewe as expected. I’ll be do my celebrating in private – tomorrow evening for a start – so all I can offer here is some off-the-cuff analysis – hat-tip to my old friend Newmania.

What Does This Mean For The Tories?

First, let’s not over-react. The results were pretty much in line with the local election results in this seat. I couldn’t have scripted a more incompetent Labour campaign or picked a more graceless Labour candidate and yet we didn’t walk it. I know this may sound churlish, but we have yet to prove that we’re much cop at by-elections.

Labour Leadership

Gordon Brown has delivered ten years of growth, high employment, and low inflation. He has taken many many children out of poverty and encouraged a working population with the introduction of tax credits. Taxation has only increased marginally and he has been prepared to stand up for Britain and its values. That any government , buffeted by unforeseeable international problems created by Americans, and in its third term, should be unpopular is not his fault.

He has been implacable in his determination to lead this country through these choppy waters and has a personal moral authority unsullied by any involvement in the Blarite murk surrounding Party funding. He is good man and the British will come to see that in the secluded confessional of the voting booth.

As a Conservative I dread campaigning against this popular politician at the General Election. At a time when we should be pulling together behind our government let us all hope the labour party don’t do anything disruptive like removing him.

– That was Guest Post 2/2 from Prague Tory – BUCF Reaction Tomorrow


2 thoughts on “Prague Tory: Crewe & Nantwich Post Mortem…

  1. Timpson (Con) – 20,539
    Dunwoody (Lab) – 12,679
    Shenton (Lib) – 6.040
    Nattrass (UKIP) – 922
    Green – 359
    Garratt (Beauty 4 Britain) – 113
    Eng Dem 275
    Loony – 236
    Diesel – 118

    Maj – 7,860 (I guessed something v v close to this Politics Home) ;-)

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