Prague Tory: Crewe & Nantwich Pre Mortem…

A Cynical Labour Campaign

We all know that the Labour campaign has been nasty and bigoted. Interestingly, amongst my Tory friends it’s noticeable that whilst posher friends are bemused/non-plussed with Labour tactics, Tories with working class roots are livid. But the campaign is more than nasty – it has been deeply cynical. Moving the writ before a funeral is bad enough, but when the hastily annointed successor is family of the deceased it feels like emotional blackmail. On the day of the funeral, the Conservative agents in Crewe agreed to Labour requests to a campaigning ceasefire – only to see Labour canvassers on the trail. That TKD felt comfortable attacking our candidate for being too posh and insufficiently local beggars belief. Wholly unrepentant about her murky campaign, she seems a deeply unpleasant and unattractive person.

The Others

The Lib Dems have been the electorate’s way of delivering bloody noses to the government at by-elections for as long as I can remember, but the proximity of today to the local elections (where they came a poor third) suggests that even they believe they can’t make it – and just like Clegg they’ve failed to make an impact. The Conservative candidate has remained calm under pressure and has done well to remain above the fray, but I hope he has some choice words if he wins. Some of his early literature was very good, but in the final week I’d have liked to see some local messages (e.g. 10 ways that Edward Timpson will stand up for Crewe) which would help secure more floating voters.


An old stat that sticks in my mind is that 9 out of 10 motorists think they are better than average drivers. I think you’d find similar levels of self-delusion amongst political activists when it comes to making election procedures. Another feature of self-delusion is predicting the future too narrowly. Experience teaches us that the colleague who says that he’ll have everything ready for the meeting is often mistaken. And so it is with political punditry. Take a look at some of the predictions for the Crewe & Nantwich by-election on UK Polling report where a groupthink consensus has gathered around a Tory majority of 2,000 to 5,000. Therefore, I am going to predict that the result will be outside these ranges. What do you think?

This was Guest Post 1/2 from Praguetory and will be followed by an election ‘Post Mortem’

5 thoughts on “Prague Tory: Crewe & Nantwich Pre Mortem…

  1. Safe in the knowledge that none of the Crewe and Nantwich electorate will read this before polling closes, I have to say I agree with Jack. For a party that should pride itself on attempting to remove social divisions (the construction of which I’m always criticising you lot for), Labour’s campaign has been shameful.

    “New Labour” in the Blair years did not compromise on “Labour” values in my opinion. This campaign has.

  2. I hope that this disaster will deter anyone from resorting to this kind of thing in the future. After Boris and this bye-election there should be no chance of our general election campaign following a similar pattern.

  3. I agree with Jack, hopefully this will at least be a learning lesson to anyone thinking of using these nasty tactics in future elections.
    I’m just going to, pre-election results, quote Hazel Blears from the BBC News website:

    “It might be that the electorate have decided to send us a pretty powerful message but the last thing they want is the Labour Party to turn on itself and be obsessed with our own affairs and not what the public want.”

    I think everyone agrees with that.

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