Senedd Suprise…

A giant tinplate portrait of Baroness Thatcher has divided politicians after it was unveiled at the home of the Welsh assembly in Cardiff. Her portrait hangs alongside Aneurin Bevan, founder of the NHS and hero of Wales. I am sure that there are many in Wales who have waited a long time to see the day that Thatcher hangs in the Senedd, but I’m sure this isn’t what they had in mind! I believe that this temporary work of art, because after all it is only there for three months, is an interesting representation of the history of Wales.

For good or bad, I shall let the readers decide, both Bevan and Thatcher helped redefine the life of the people of Wales and each one has played a massive part in their history therefore both rightly deserve their place in the Senedd. Having said this for diplomatic purposes I do not think it should be a perminant display. It is the National Assembly of the people of Wales and their sensitive views on this issue should be respected. To keep Thatcher in the Senedd would be like unveiling a statue of Aurthur Scargill in the Commons Lobby opposite Thatcher. It just wont wash and neither should it.


4 thoughts on “Senedd Suprise…

  1. It is a rather bizarre choice, I have to say. If they are going to continue down the line of putting up pictures of former leaders in the country they tried to ruin, we can surely expect to see some nice pictures of Mussolini put up in Rome, Pinochet put up in Santiago and Ceausescu in Bucharest?

  2. John… its good to see you back lol… I thought a Thatcher post might tempt you!

    There is no doubt that large swathes of Wales did suffer under Thatcher, I can admit this, hence why i think it would be distasteful to keep a permanent memorial to her in the heart of the Welsh Assembly, however this mural isn’t permanent it is just a temporary display so I have no real issue with it.

    It is interesting to note though that the prevailing attitude is ‘the welsh hated Thatcher and she destoryed them’, well this is certainly true in some quaters but lest we forget that the Conservatives under Thatcher won half a million votes, 8 seats and 30 per cent of the vote in the 1987 general election, this coming after the Miners strikes of 84/5.

    We have never been near that sort of performance in Wales under any of her successors. Despite rebranding ourselves and attempting to ditch the Thatcherite tone (which we have now reclaimed) we still fail to make any electoral impact. It will be interesting to note whether the next general election marks a renewed tory presence in Wales. Its doubtful but you never know.

    Also you can’t put Thatcher in quite the same league as Mussolini and Pinochet.

  3. Hah! It’s amusing to have Thatcher compared to Mussolini and Pinochet. I know some people who are distinctly anti-Thatcher, but they’ve never gone that far!

    I must admit when I first read on the BBC this morning that it had been put up, I was a little shocked, but I agree with you Dan. She was incredibly influential in the country, and so as a temporary piece of work I think it’s a fine idea, even if only because it inspires so much controversy and debate!

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