BUCF meets David Cameron

The new committee held its first event today by attending a policy launch with David Cameron in central Birmingham. Much to the delight of our more Thatcherite entourage, Cameron set out his plans for the economy and focused specifically on the government’s waste, public spending and tax policy. BUCF even had the pleasure of being able to ‘walk and talk’ with the Tory leader who gaves us some indication of what we can expect from a Tory government. He also gave us his thoughts on the party’s prospects in the Crewe by-election this coming Thursday which he claimed could be a great boost to the party’s fortunes. This event marked a new phase in the life of BUCF, the attendance was vast and politically diverse in keeping with the new committee’s ‘bridge the political divide’ stance. One of our esteemed BULS colleagues, who shall remain nameless, said of Cameron ‘Im a bit annoyed… he came across as a genuinely good guy’ All in all the event was a great success and the new committee is pleased to welcome a further 5 members in to the BUCF fold.

Pictures and Redbrick Article to follow…


11 thoughts on “BUCF meets David Cameron

  1. Yes many many thanks to the new committee, not just for getting involved in this but for having the kindness to accomodate those who might not necessarily support the Tory party. As a BULS member, i understand that there is a lot to learn from someone like David Cameron, and in return i should not throw fruit at him. Hopefully this will mark a step towards greater cooperation between student groups, who shouldnt insulate themselves along political lines at this early stage in our lives.

    Many thanks for a fascinating event. Up the Reds!


  2. The guest list issue prompted much controversy. However the committee were rigorous in their research on certain individuals who we were unfarmiliar with. Those who were deemed potential threats were promptly removed from the list. In the end we decided that those of different political affiliations who attended posed no threat and were more interested as Ed rightly suggests in the educational aspects of the event.
    We will have similar policies for future events. Anyone who wishes to attend is welcome but for high profile events such as this, they will be investigated by BUCF’s very own KGB aka John ‘The Heff’ Hefford lol.

    Ed hit the nail on the head when he argued that student groups shouldn’t insulate themselves along political lines at such an early stage in our political lives. I believe a mixed event offers debate and thus education. I have also discussed with the BULS chief comrade about removing the ‘personal from the political’, we will always encourage heated political debate but personal jibes without political substance will be swiftly dealt with as it offers nothing to constructive debate. I believe there is cross party consensus on this.

    Anyway, it was a thoroughly enjoyable event.

  3. I’m with Dan and Ed, the diverse political opinions in the group actually made for a really interesting visit and something of a trend for the future: cooperation between political groups in the University.

    Now we’ve just got to check to see if we’re in any of the local papers, and I can finally stop swooning at the entire event!

  4. Well said Dan! i’d just like to thank everybody, especially those members with other political affiliations for making this morning such a unique and enjoyable event. Its so great to see people from such a deversity of political backgrounds putting their political differences aside for a chance to see a future prime minister despite what their opinions of him may be. i’d especially like to pay tribute to dan who did so well, considering his inexperience, in organising an event of this magnitude and at short notice! Three cheers for Dan.

  5. Thank you Dan and John (and the rest of the committee) for a fantastic morning ‘walking and talking’ (i’d perhaps suggest stalking) with DC, it really was an enjoyable event with a great turnout! Three cheers for both of you! Hear hear to all the comments made so far regarding cooperation between political groups – just need to get the liberals involved now!

  6. As the BULS chair I ofcourse do not endorse Dave Cameron, however Dan showed good leadership and typical humanity to invite several members of our society to the event. From what I’ve heard it sounds like it went very well and should Gordon come to Birmingham anytime soon, there may well be invites extended your way.

  7. I quite agree with all the points made above, and Tom if Brown does come to birmingham in the next year I would be delighted to attend as would the rest of the committe… its always nice to meet a former Prime Minister lol :P

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