A Message from the New Chairman…

First of all may I say a word of thanks to the outgoing Chairman. Theo, whether you admit it or not, you have done a good job as chairman of BUCF. You have actively involved yourself and our more committed members in the local and national arena with determination and vigour. This blog in particular has gone from strength to strength under your watch and the Conservative Home award for ‘Best Young Conservative Blog’ is a testament to the achievements of the out-going committee.


What I want to do as chairman of CF however is to build upon our success as a society whilst attempting to correct our mistakes. I want to reconnect with the members we seem to have scared off, as well as guaranteeing CF’s support for our local parliamentary candidates at this crucial time. This is the time when conservatives across the country are finding their voices after years in the ‘political wilderness’ and it is our job to ensure they succeed in ensuring a conservative occupies number 10 at the next election. As a party we have never been stronger, apart from under Thatcher naturally J and this is the time when Conservative future needs to take a front line role.


I know that the committee we have put together is of a common mind. Our main goal is to reinvigorate our membership and make them feel that a political society can be about more than just politics. We want to make BUCF a social as well as a political society and we believe that a membership that is comfortable with its committee and indeed with one another is of far more service to our party locally and nationally. This is a daunting task, and given the stresses of my impending dissertation, perhaps an unrealistic one. But I can, in the ever eloquent words of Gordon Brown, only promise to ‘do my utmost’ to serve the interests of our party and our members…the only difference is I actually mean it! So thank you for your support and I hope myself and the new committee will do it justice.



6 thoughts on “A Message from the New Chairman…

  1. Congratulations on your election, and I’m looking forward to another fantastic year in BUCF!

  2. May I, on behalf of the whole committee, thank everyone for their support and warm words. We are looking forward to the upcoming year which, if today is anything to go by, looks full of promise.

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