The Chairman’s last-word…

From yesterday evening, Birmingham University Conservative Future elected in a new committee, this committee is chaired by Daniel O’Doherty who I am sure all of you who have read this blog more than once will be fully aware of.

I started my Chairmanship with a list of things I wanted to achieve; all of which were managed to an extent. My primary aim had been to increase membership, which we did achieve. On top of this we managed to put on a wide variety of successful events, run an award winning blog as well as sending delegates to conference and putting hundreds of hours into the local elections. It has been a good year for the Conservative party, that has been represented down at the CF level!

None of this would have been possible without the hard work of my committee, who I’d like thank for all their hard-work. It is important that I single out two members though, who were always there when I needed them. Ryan and Jimmy helped make this society what it is today, their help has been invaluable and has given me much needed support throughout the year, they have been great friends and a great asset to Conservative Future. The local Conservatives have also been a real help, particularly David Fazakerley who always went that extra mile to help our society and try and get us involved in local politics.
Lastly, a special thanks needs to go to Daniel Cowdrill, he has put his blood sweat and tears into BUCF, and has always been willing to get stuck in, no matter with what or when, I truly do appreciate all the help he has given CF and I wish him all the best in his graduation this year.

Jimmy and I will now be working at the Birmingham Solihull & Coventry area level of CF, but will still be very much around in Birmingham. I wish Daniel and BUCF the very best of luck and look forward to his exciting new ideas.


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