This is my final post on the BUCF website as Editor. Last night we had the BUCF AGM, and a new committee has been elected, one of which I shall take no part in. I will let them write their own blog post introducing themselves later.

First an apology I have shamefully not kept the blog up to date over the last six weeks as much as I would have liked to, I was in London working on the Mayoral campaign, and this to say the least took quite a lot out of me, and since returning to Uni I have been behind on revision also.

I have though thoroughly enjoyed my time as Editor and being responsible for communications, I have learnt a great deal as well. I am delighted that the blog continues to do so well from winning awards to receiving at one point regularly over 600 readers a day, and although it is a cliche, I would like to thank you the readers and particularly commentators who inspire the debate that takes place on this website, since it began around 18 months ago, we have had over 1400 comments. I think this demonstrates that it has become one of the key forums for debate for all goings on at the University of Birmingham.

I would encourage all CFs around the country to start blogging, it is a great way to inform new members and the wider audiences about what you are doing, in my new role as Area Chairman for the West Midlands, I will be encouraging all branches to take it up  (I will use this blog in the future to outline my plans for Area Chair, once the exams are over!). We have been contacted in a huge variety of ways from radio companies, newspapers, television broadcasters and politicians, all this has led to a great experience of the media.

I like to think the blog is in a healthy state to continue forward into what for the party and this branch of CF should be an exciting couple of years in the build up to the closest fought election in two decades.

Best of luck to the new committee, I look forward to your injection of fresh ideas into the blog and reading your musings.




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