Trouble with the Telegraph…

After reading the Telegraph this morning, horror of horrors, I found an article that deeply disturbed and greatly irritated me. At first I believed it was some kind of prank, but realising April fools day had passed it dawned on me that the author of this ridiculous piece actually believed in what he was writing. The opinion section contained the article “Austria is defined by its nasty secrets”. This initially intrigued me but as I read on I found it way off course and in parts blatantly racist and abhorrent.

The article basically went on to claim that Austria was a land of misery and death and that Austrians are a suicidal, Nazi loving and ‘distorted’ people. Having been to Austria myself I can express my view that few countries are as beautiful and few people as friendly and hospitable. Sadly each nation is characterised by a certain few cancerous individuals and wrongly it is often the case that this minority of people come to stereotype a nation. People such as Fritzl and Hitler are being viewed by some as ‘Mr Austria’ and the embodiment of all that Austrians stand for. This is tosh.

However the award for one of the worst lines ever written has to go to the author of this piece, Nigel Jones, when he claimed… ‘Fritzl’s latest plea that he actually saved his children/grandchildren from the wicked world’s contamination by locking them in a dark dungeon for decades may even be the truth – as he sees it. He could actually believe this grotesque distortion. He is, after all, an Austrian.’ No Nigel… he is INSANE.


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