EU Immigration Policy

People wanting to enter the EU

After a good swim and a lot of wine with my housemate Fabio we got on to discussing immigration. we concluded that we thing the national level strategies currently in place by the European governments are now not suitable to securing our boarders and managing populations.

As we all know within the EU all citizens are at liberty to move freely and work freely. In essence with specific regard to boarders we have no internal ones. Therefore in regard to asylum seekers and refugees we should be treating the EU boarders as an entry point, not the national ones.

This would result in a system where all applications for entry to the EU would be considered at immigration centres on the boarders of the political union. Then all peoples seeking entry to any European country would be processed via these centres. Any persons who had by their ingenuity managed to get say to Britain, without being processed, would be immediately sent to the nearest centre.

The ideology here perhaps deviates a little from the conservatives party’s and even my own as my previous blogs on Europe are euro sceptic but we have immigration laws in Europe which make it more logical to treat the EU as on state, with one immigration and boarder policy. These centres would be funded by the EU nation states, and would be held to account by them. For this to work properly perhaps we need to open up the EU to proper democratic accountability. The centres would also reduce massively the cost of immigration to the national state, as it would be far more efficient to do all the processing and legal wrangling in one place. It would also end the ridiculous made dash for Britain at Calais and the armada of boats Italy has to deal with from Africa.

The national level approach has not worked, and now is the time that we properly defended and regulated EU boarders and we can do this properly together. A co-ordinated and united EU approach to immigration would be a better option than the idiosyncratic one we have now. I fear however that any sane and efficient policy would be impossible to get through EU paperwork.


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