Tories Triumph

The Conservative party have trounced New Labour with a series of spectacular results across the country. No matter how Labour try to spin it, and try they will, this victory was not just the result of a vote of no confidence in New Labour, it was a vote of confidence in us. These results are much deserved, no-one in their right minds could claim that we are the same party we were 20,10 or even 5 years ago. We as a party have developed in leaps and bounds whilst the lies, false promises and mismanagement of New Labour has become increasingly apparent. It has taken us a long time to stand as we do now and I’m sure the days of ‘wilderness’ will not be easily forgotten in Tory circles, nor should they. Indeed for a while we feared for the very surival of our party because we were faced for the first time with an opposition that in all intense and purposes was ‘diluted Tory’ and we didn’t know how to fight a party that offered similar policies! However those days are gone, we now have the weapon with which we can go forth and triumph at another more crucial election, we have the confidence of the British people.

For the first time in a long time people are thinking we really are a changed party and are willing to listen to what we have to say. This is not all down to the Cameron factor, previous leaders need to be commended for their efforts in the Tory revival. It is to their credit that our polling in the local election’s have consistently increased election on election to propell us to the plateau on which we now stand. Whilst the local elections are a huge boost for us, undoubtedly our crowning glory was achieved when Boris Johnson succeeded on unseating the incumbent Ken Livingstone and taking the Mayoralty of London. So where do we as a party go from here? Firstly we should not feel ashamed of our past but neither should we live in it. I and I confidently suspect a majority of our members will always be hugely respectful of the legacies of leaders such as Thatcher, but this is Camerons age and he offers the policies to rectify the social ills which plague us today as much as she rectified the economic ills of the 80’s. Our standing is now reminicent of the height of the Thatcher years with one small difference, we aren’t in government yet.

Now we are on an even keel with Labour. They can’t continually throw our past at us as a ‘get out clause’ it is becoming a distant, less emotive memory and besides they’ve got enough baggage of their own! We have much to tackle Labour on and it is clear that this government is sinking fast. I am a passionate believer that politics generally works in cycles and it is plain to see that this one is coming to its end. So I urge all Conservatives not to lose sight of the task in hand, not to wallow in our triumph and not to get cocky and complacent. Having said this for tonight at least I think it is acceptable to sit a little smugly and wait and see how Labour attempt to recover the ground that is falling beneath them. Congratulations to all our candidates in Birmingham who have done spectacularly well, particularly in Quinton, and lets hope that we can justify the faith that people all over the country have placed in us.


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