Its on: Boris Johnson vs. Ken Leavingsoon

Thats right after weeks of political punches Red Ken and Bumbling but brilliant Boris are going head to head for the Mayorality of our great capital. Pundits and pollsters are putting Boris as the favourite to unseat Livingstone outright in the first ballot although some have suggested it could go on to a second preferences ballot which Boris should go on to win. To add to the Boris momentum Brian Paddick, the Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate, signalled that he would consider a job with Boris Johnson in a Tory administration but ruled out any role with Ken Livingstone.

To rub salt in the wounds Paddick claimed “I just don’t trust Ken Livingstone,” adding that “the thought of having him as my boss sends shivers down my spine.” So if the Lib Dems have any sense about them they will ‘follow the leader’ and give their second preferances to Boris Johnson almost guarenteeing him a win. If all polls and predictions are correct, tomorrow for the first time in a long time, looks set to be a great day to be a Tory. So I urge all those eligable to get out and vote Tory and ensure that we show this government for what it is…dead in the water. I also know everyone will join me in sending our support and best wishes to members of the BUCF committee who have been campaigning for Boris in London and our Birmingham Conservative candidates in tomorrows elections lets hope their hard work pays off! 


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